Tom Hunt

Faculty of Social Sciences

Deputy Director


Tom is Deputy Director and Research Fellow at SPERI. He works closely with SPERI’s Co-Directors to develop and implement SPERI’s research strategy through his own research and in collaboration with SPERI’s research team.

Tom leads SPERI’s Labour & Decent Work research theme. His research focuses on trade unions and on understanding contemporary working conditions and their effects for individuals. He is a Co-Investigator in the ESRC Centre for Care. He is a Senior Fellow of Unions 21.

Tom lead’s SPERI’s work to communicate political economy research findings to non-academic audiences; develop policy recommendations from political economy research, and build relationships with policymakers, journalists, and other relevant actors, who could be partners in our research or impact activities. Tom has co-ordinated large academic projects including the Industrial Strategy Commission (2017).

He has extensive experience of engaging with national and international policymakers, including cross-party parliamentarians; businesses; thinktanks; trades unions; and national media. Before joining SPERI Tom worked as a Parliamentary Researcher.

Research Interests

Tom’s research interests focus on understanding contemporary working conditions and how they change; trade unions, industrial relations and labour rights. He is interested in investigating ways in which workers, unions, states, industry and civil society can improve labour standards.

Tom has published a wide range of SPERI reports and policy briefs. His edited collection, The Coming Crisis (with Colin Hay), was published in 2018 in SPERI’s series ‘Building a Sustainable Political Economy’ with Palgrave Macmillan.

He has also worked with Colin Hay and Allister McGregor on research with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop a multilateral notion of inclusive growth.

Key Publications


  • Tom Hunt and Harry Pickard (2022) ‘Harder, better, faster, stronger? Work intensity and ‘good work’ in the United Kingdom’. Industrial Relations Journal (
  • Genevieve LeBaron, Remi Edwards, Tom Hunt, Charline Sempéré and Penelope Kyritsis (2021) ‘The Ineffectiveness of CSR: Understanding Garment Company Commitments to Living Wages in Global Supply Chains’. New Political Economy (
  • Colin Hay, Tom Hunt and J. Allister McGregor (2020) ‘Inclusive growth: the challenges of multidimensionality and multilateralism’. Cambridge Review of International Affairs ( .
  • Tom Hunt and Liam Stanley (2019) ‘From ‘There is No Alternative’ to ‘Maybe There are Alternatives’: five Challenges to Economic Orthodoxy after the Crash’. The Political Quarterly (


Book chapters

Reports and Briefs