Study Skills Online

skills - university study smallUniversity Study

Workshops and resources to support you in making a successful transition to university study.

skills - maths and stats smallMaths & Statistics

Workshops and resources for all levels of abilities from basic to advanced.

skills - everyday smallEveryday Skills

Workshops and resources help you get the most out of your degree programme.

skills - communication smallCommunication

Workshops and resources to support your verbal and written communication skills.

skills - writing smallWriting

Workshops and resources to refine your approach to academic writing.

skills - research smallResearch

Workshops and resources to support all stages of the research process

skills assessment smallAssessment

Workshops and resources to help you perform across a range of assessment types.

skills - skills audit smallNot sure where to start?

Take the 301 Skills Audit to generate a personalised action plan including recommendations of resources and opportunities that are available around the university to help narrow your skills gaps.