Information on the impact the project has had via publications and presentations.

Women stood in Glasgow Women's Library talking together


Storying Relationships project publications that include published works, forthcoming papers and articles currently under-review. 


Phillips R., Ali N. R. and Chambers C.G. (2019) Critical Collaborative Storying: Making an Animated Film about Halal Dating. Cultural Geographies. (In press).

Ali N. R., Phillips R., Chambers C.G., Hopkins P. and Pande R. (2019) Halal dating: Changing relationship attitudes and experiences among young British Muslims. Sexualities.

Chambers C.G., Phillips R., Ali N. R., Hopkins P. and Pande R. (2018) ‘Sexual Misery’ or ‘Happy British Muslims’?: Contemporary Depictions of Muslim Sexuality. Ethnicities. ETN-17-0012.R2. ISSN 1741-2706.


Chambers C.G., Ali N. and Phillips R. (2020) A Match Made in Heaven: British Muslim Women Write about Love and Desire. Hope Road (Forthcoming, 2020).

Phillips R., Chambers C.G., and Ali N. (2019) Storying Relationships: Young British Muslims Speak and Write about Sex and Love. Zed. (Forthcoming, 2020).

Phillips R. and Kara H. (Eds.) Creative Writing for Social Research. Policy Press (Forthcoming).



Ali, N. and Phillips, R. (2019) 'Research For, By and With Muslims'. Invited to host two panel sessions at the National Geographers Meeting (NGM) Trondheim, 16-18 June. 

Ali, N. (2019) 'Storying Relationships: What We Can and Can't Talk About?' Invited to present as part of the British Islam Conference 2019, in association with New Horizons. New Inn Yard, London, Saturday 23-24 February. 


Ali, N. (2019) Staff training workshop for Apna Haq. Rotherham, 3 July.