Children in a school class
Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash.

Teachers at home:

A recurring narrative from parents of faith throughout this research project was that they felt their children’s teachers did not understand their faith and/or culture, and wanted this to change. Many teachers also shared this concern, acknowledging that their insight into the faith of the students they are teaching is lacking.

In response to this, we have created a resource to aid teachers in dismantling their internal bias, and challenging their existing assumptions about faith communities in Sheffield.

Download the ‘Dismantling your Internal Bias’ resource here: [coming soon]

Teachers in the classroom:

Both primary and secondary school teachers in Sheffield reported being less confident in engaging their students of faith in RSE compared to the rest of the class.

We have created 4 classroom activities for teachers to integrate into their RSE classes, that prepare teachers to specifically encourage students to consider intersections of faith within sex and relationship education.

Download the Upper Key Stage 2 ‘Healthy Relationships’ activity here: [coming soon]

Download the Key Stage 3 ‘Shame and Stigma’ activity

Download the Key Stage 3 and 4 ‘Healthy Relationships’ activity here: [coming soon]

Download the Key Stage 4 ‘Consent’ activity here: [coming soon]

Teachers and parents:

Lack of communication between schools and parents of faith was a predominant theme within this research. Teachers reported wanting to engage with communities of faith more effectively to have discussions around inclusive RSE. Some parents of faith had not been given any information about the updates to the RSE curriculum Government guidelines, with English not being a first language providing further barriers to accessing information and understanding.

We have created a letter template for schools to share with parents, outlining the RSE content their child will receive at school. The letter has been translated into the most commonly used languages in Sheffield.

Download the ‘RSE letter template’ [coming soon]