How to Apply

Get departmental approval

Once you arrive on campus (during your first year) you should speak with the Study Abroad Advisor in your department to see if they support study abroad.

Each department has a Study Abroad Advisor.  You must discuss your choices and obtain the full support of your department before submitting an application.

Your department must consider you to be in good academic standing at the time of application and you must successfully complete your first (or second) year of study at Sheffield.

Which year will I go?

If you are on a 3 year degree, you will apply in the first semester of your first year and spend your second year abroad. 

If you are on a 4 year degree, you should express your interest during your first year, and your department will let you know which year you will spend abroad. If you will study abroad in your second year, you must apply in the first semester of your first year.

Where can I go?

Please refer to Where Can I Go? Guide, which you can download on the right, for the most up to date information, and discuss your options with your departmental study abroad advisor.

Don't miss out!

The application process is a set cycle and is not flexible.  Please ensure you look into the possibility of study abroad as soon as you arrive on campus.

Application Process

Do your research!

Global Opportunities & Exchanges Fairfair

Once you are sure you are eligible to participate in Study Abroad you should attend the Global Opportunities & Exchanges Fair in November to find out how to apply, meet students who have been on Study Abroad, meet students from host universities and to pick up materials.

This is a really valuable event which you should attend if you are interested in applying. This will be the only event where this information is available in one place at one time.

Overseas university choices

You must select 6 universities that you wish to study at and which offer the courses you require. You list them in your order of preference, which we will respect.

Research on course availability

It is essential that you obtain the list of courses you are trying to match up and you carefully check that the host university offers suitable options. You cannot study at a host university if they do not have the courses you need. If you are unsure if a course meets the requirements of your department, then contact your Study Abroad Adviser. Be prepared for them to need to see the module description to be able to approve a course at a partner university.

Please ensure you do your research carefully, and read the university profiles and fact sheets for information on restrictions.

Online application

You must apply for a place on Study Abroad via the online application form.  Please visit the link on the right hand side to take you to further information about applying and the application itself.  Please note once the deadline has passed, the application will be unavailable. 

Personal Statement

A personal statement is part of the application form and it is your choice what you write. Your personal statement must be no more than 600 words.

Some ideas of what to include are below:

  • Your reasons for applying
  • Why you have chosen the universities you have selected
  • Brief details about the modules you have researched
  • Why you think you are a good candidate
  • How the year abroad may develop you or your future career
  • How you think the year abroad may help develop your degree
  • Why you think you would be a good ambassador for the University of Sheffield

The personal statement is a key document in your application. It will play a big part in the decision regarding your application. The second is your tutor reference.

Deadline for applying

The deadline for submitting your online Study Abroad application is 5pm on 1 December. You should print a copy of your application and give this to your Study Abroad Adviser as soon as possible after you have submitted on line. Your Study Abroad Adviser then has two weeks to write references for all their students, so to help them in this, please meet with them at least once before submitting your application so they know you and your reasons for applying.