University Executive Board minutes - 10 January 2023



10 January 2023


Professor K Lamberts (KL) (in the Chair), Professor A Blom, Professor J Derrick (JD), J Jones (JJ), Professor J Litster (JL) (items 2-6), R Sykes (RS), Professor G Valentine (GV), Professor M Vincent (MV), Professor C Watkins (CW), I Wright (IW)           

In attendance:

J Strachan (JS), T Wray (TW); H Morgan (HM) (item 2)


Professor S Fitzmaurice (SF), Professor S Hartley (SH)


D Swinn (DS)

  1. Closed Minute and Paper

  2. LMS Update

    • (HM in attendance for this item)

    • UEB discussed and noted an update on progress with the Learning Management System project, which sought to replace existing ad-hoc systems to deliver a more coherent, user-friendly single system for the management and delivery of staff training and development. Members noted the selection and procurement of a new platform, as well as its key features and benefits. UEB also noted plans for a phased introduction and roll out and the associated timeline, future arrangements for managing the system as business as usual and project governance.
    • During discussion, it was noted that the implementation of the new LMS would respond to colleagues’ feedback about inconsistent engagement with staff development. FVPs were encouraged to promote engagement with and use of the new system more widely. Clarification was provided that, in due course, the new system would facilitate improved reporting on completion rates for mandatory training, but further work was also needed to review which training was mandatory for all or specific staff groups.
  3. Closed Minute and Paper

  4. Closed Minute and Paper

  5. Report of the UEB Strategic Advisory Group: Student Recruitment and Population

    • UEB approved the report, including approving the home scholarships for 2023 entry and noting and endorsing updates on the Group’s other activities as set out in the report. Attention was drawn to the dates of applicant Open Days in 2023, for which UEB representation was sought, in response to positive feedback on this approach from 2022.
  6. Round Table

    • Naming of Building: CW reported that following a consultation with staff, students and alumni, and a subsequent vote, it was proposed that the new Social Sciences Building be named “The Wave”. UEB approved the proposal and was pleased to note that the building was close to opening; initial feedback on the new premises was overwhelmingly positive. A time capsule would also be buried on the site.

    • Student Attendance Monitoring: MV reported discussions about the University’s requirements for students to attend scheduled teaching during periods of strike action, following feedback from Faculty colleagues and in view of regulatory requirements. UEB endorsed proposals to clarify the expectation that students should attend when teaching activities were taking place, and noted that related communications were being prepared for students, HoDs of significantly affected departments and faculties, and the Students’ Union.

    • QS World Rankings: RS reported on recent social media activity in China, work on the University’s data submission and progress with related work led by Global Engagement. The position would continue to be monitored closely.

    • Staff Survey: IW reported that the University would be responding positively to a request from the campus Trade Unions to see the departmental level data, which approach would also be reported to UEB-HoDs on 11 January.