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If you have a question about specific areas of the University Executive Board's work, please refer to the support contact details below.


University Executive Board areas of work

Members of the University Executive Board often hold open door sessions, forums and other events. 

Get in Touch Contact person Email
If you would like to know more about UEB meetings and minutes Angela Davison
For other queries or questions about UEB business, David Swinn, UEB Secretary
For UEB-HoDS matters Angela Davison
For any other comments or suggestions you would like to send to UEB N/A

Support contact details for the University Executive Board

Board member Support contact person Contact details

President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Koen Lamberts

Dawn Stewart, Executive Assistant

Rachel Frith, Personal Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 1007

Tel: +44 114 222 1000

Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Mokaya OBE

Claire Cottrell, Executive Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 1101

Vice-President for Education, Professor Mary Vincent

Catherine Wolstenholme, Personal Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 1005

Vice-President for Research & Innovation, Professor Sue Hartley OBE Niccole Allen, Personal Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 9821

Vice-President & Head of the Advanced Manufacturing Group, Professor Geraint Jewell

Kim Brechin, Executive Assistant


Vice-President & Head of Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Professor Susan Fitzmaurice

Emma Cooper, Executive Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 9702

Vice-President & Head of Faculty of Engineering, Professor Conchúr Ó Brádaigh

Joanne Mackenzie, Executive Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 7634

Vice-President & Head of Faculty of Health, Professor Ashley Blom

Isabel Andrews, Personal Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 8714

Vice-President & Head of Faculty of Science, Professor John Derrick

Angela Simonite, Executive Assistant

Sophie Manning, Personal Assistant 

Tel: +44 114 222 9761

Tel: +44 114 222 9762

Vice-President & Head of Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Ruth Blakeley

Louise Goss, Faculty Business Support Manager

Tel: +44 114 222 8343

Chief Financial Officer, Joanne Jones

Michelle Potts, Executive Assistant and Departmental Administrator (Mon-Thu)

Debbie Finnie (Fri)

Tel: +44 114 222 1506

Tel: +44 114 222 1504

Chief Operating Officer, Rob Sykes

Linda Greaves, Personal Assistant

Tel: +44 114 222 1107

Director of Human Resources, Ian Wright Kerry Hudd, Executive Assistant Email:
Tel: +44 114 222 1601