University Executive Board minutes - 6 December 2022



6 December 2022


Professor K Lamberts (KL) (in the Chair), Professor A Blom (AB), Professor J Derrick (JD), Professor S Fitzmaurice (SF), Professor S Hartley (SH), Professor J Litster (JL), R Sykes (RS), Professor G Valentine (GV), Professor M Vincent (MV),  , I Wright (IW)

In attendance:

J Strachan (JS), T Wray (TW), L Carlile (LC), T Flaherty (TF), L McCarthy (LM) (Items 1-2)


J Jones (JJ), Professor C Watkins (CW)


Dr E Smith (ES)

  1. Student Recruitment Update

    • (LC, TF, and LM in attendance for this item)

    • UEB received and noted an update on the University’s recruitment for 2023 entry based on the latest data from 22 November 2022.

    • In respect of broader recruitment activities and the engagement of prospective applicants, it was pleasing to note that the University’s new branding was registering positive impacts across a range of audiences, and that the University had broadened the range and type of its engagement sessions.

  2. End of Cycle Report

    • (DB, TF, and LM in attendance for this item)
    • UEB received and noted the End of Cycle Report that summarised the University’s admissions position at the conclusion of the 2022 cycle for UGH, UGO, PGTH, and PGTO students and articulated the University’s priorities for 2023.
    • During discussion, UEB noted that the 2023 application volume for certain programmes required active management. It was also highlighted that the removal of the insurance choice option from future admissions cycles required the preparation of careful and coordinated communications.
  3. Closed Minute and Paper

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  10. Round Table

    • ​​​​​​​Senate: JS reported on preparations for the meeting of Senate on 14 December 2022.