University Executive Board minutes - 9 August 2021



9 August 2021


Professor K Lamberts (KL) (in the Chair), Professor S Fitzmaurice (SF), Ms H Fraser-Krauss (HFK), Professor S Hartley (SH), Ms J Jones (JJ), Professor J Litster (JL), Professor C Newman (CN), Professor D Petley (DNP), Mr R Sykes (RS), Professor G Valentine (GV), Professor M Vincent (MV)

In attendance:

Ms T Wray; Ms K Ball; Ms P Jackson


Professor J Derrick (JD), Professor C Watkins (CW)


Mr D Swinn (DTS)

  1. Closed Minute and Paper

  2. Coronavirus Update

    • UEB discussed the latest developments, including the report of the Incident Management team, which had been circulated by email. Key considerations related to any changes in University policy and approach after 16 August, the impact and implications of Managed Quarantine Facilities and any requirements for data capture about students’ vaccination status. There was a risk that the use of MQFs may result in the Government proposing a staggered entry system and the University would continue to work with colleagues across the sector to press DfE for clarity.

    • It was reported that staff communications had been prepared to clarify the University’s guidelines for the periods from 16 August and from 6 September, e.g. in relation to face coverings and social distancing, with regard to legal requirements and government guidance. With respect to the University’s preparations for resuming teaching as normal, and having noted recent media coverage about certain providers being exposed by continuing to provide a blended approach, it was reported that communications continued to emphasise the agreed institutional approach and rationale for it. It was recognised that normal teaching for some programmes or modules would necessarily include a digital element for legitimate pedagogical reasons, as distinct from blended learning per se.

  3. Round Table

    • Industrial Relations: HFK reported that the collective dispute had concluded on 6 August without agreement having been reached. A formal letter would be sent to the Trade Unions to confirm the position.

    • Farewell: KL noted that this was HFK’s final meeting of UEB before leaving the University on 31 August and, on behalf of UEB, thanked her for all her work and expressed good wishes for her new role.

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