University Executive Board minutes - 9 November 2021



9 November 2021


Professor G Valentine (GV) (in the Chair), Professor J Derrick (JD), Professor S Fitzmaurice (SF), Professor S Hartley (SH), J Jones (JJ), Professor C Newman (CN), Professor D Petley (DNP), R Sykes (RS), Professor C Watkins (CW)

In attendance:

Dr T Strike (TS), Mr I Wright (IW), T Wray (TW), V Jackson (VJ) (items 1-3), A Winter (AW) (item 4), B Abrams (BA) (item 5)


Professor J Lister (JL), Professor K Lamberts (KL), Professor M Vincent (MV)


N Button (NB)

  1. Closed Minute and Paper

  2. Closed Minute and Paper

  3. Closed Minute and Paper

  4. Update on Compliance with Prevent Duty

    • (A Winter in attendance for this item)

    • UEB considered an update on the University’s compliance with the Prevent Duty, part of its reporting requirements from the OfS. Attention was drawn to the comprehensive and reassuring nature of the report, which contained no cases of a Prevent nature. It was expected that the reporting requirements would be adjusted in the future to take account of the Free Speech Bill and the ongoing independent review of Prevent. The University was also currently reviewing its approach to safeguarding issues, including considering what resources, training and support would be required. Consideration was also being given to the process for minimising the risks associated with external speakers and free speech issues.

    • UEB noted the update and agreed the Declaration and data return for approval by the Chair of Council and submission to the OfS.

  5. TESF Governance Proposal

    • (B Abrams in attendance for this item)

    • UEB considered and noted an update on the TESF Governance arrangements following Council approval of the UEB recommendations at its meeting of 18 October. Attention was drawn to the proposal for a new student roadmap within TESF, how such a roadmap would be managed, and the governance proposals and technical arrangements necessary for successful delivery of the TESF.

  6. Report of the Risk Review Group

    • UEB approved the report. UEB noted the Risk Review Group’s decisions on the University Risk Management Manual and the University Threat Register.

  7. Round Table

    • COP26: JJ updated UEB on the University’s investment managers.

    • Peter Lee: TS informed UEB that a former Chair of the University Council, Peter Lee, had recently passed away. UEB expressed its condolences.

    • Industrial action: IW updated UEB on the arrangements for expected industrial action and action short of a strike.

    • Industrial action: IW updated UEB on the arrangements for expected industrial action and action short of a strike.

    • Steinway:  SF informed UEB of a series of concerts following the achievement of a prestigious musical accreditation.

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