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Our research magazine highlights new projects within the department, examines the outputs of recently completed projects and contains a comprehensive list of research publications.

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Issue 7 - 2021/22 

  • Covid-19 and Sheffield's cultural sector
  • Managing Covid-19 in Indian cities
  • Robots and the future of cities
  • The politics of class and alienation in England's deindustrialising towns
  • How does academic research get translated into policy?
  • Exploring the transformative potential of migrant youth in Europe
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Issue 6 - 2020

  • Urban indigenous development alternatives in Bolivia and Brazil
  • How London was captured by the super-rich
  • Austerity governance in Baltimore
  • Housing exclusion in the English rental market
  • Urban citizenship and informality
  • Power, authority and land in Lagos

Download issue 6 (PDF, 4.1MB)

    Issue 5 - 2019

    • Working in the public interest?
    • Urban peripheries 
    • The sustainability agenda

    Download issue 5 (PDF, 4.6MB)

    Issue 4 - 2018

    • Regulating the private rented sector
    • Neighbourhood cohesion in urban China
    • Developing Design Consultants for the Future

    Download issue 4 (PDF, 6.9MB)

    Issue 3 - 2016

    • Planning for an ageing population
    • The 50-year Water Challenge
    • Welfare Conditionality

    Download issue 3 (PDF, 4.6MB)

    Issue 2 - 2015

    • ‘Big data’ can help us to forecast future housing market pressures, but we need to remain cautious
    • Secondary data helps to reveal a complex web of travel to school decisions
    • Setting the agenda within the profession and within the city

    Download issue 2 (PDF, 3.6MB)

    Issue 1 - 2013

    • Ageing and mobility in the built environment
    • Strategic Housing Market Assessment in Sheffield
    • The Future of Rural Settlement

    Download issue 1 (PDF, 3.3MB)