Priority one: Portfolio

We will shape and deliver a balanced research-informed portfolio of programmes, which serves the needs of students and develops graduates with the knowledge and skills for successful careers.

Student writing on a whiteboard in a University of Sheffield study space

We will:

  • Regularly review, develop and adapt our institutional portfolio, using evidence and best practice, to ensure we are meeting student needs, reflecting disciplinary research and teaching developments.
  • Build on the successful Programme Level Approach (PLA), ensuring that programmes are carefully designed and developed to deliver agreed learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that programmes are nationally and internationally competitive and attract high achieving applicants from all backgrounds.
  • Reflect on and adapt our offer to improve the quality and effective delivery of our portfolio.
  • Work in partnership with students, employers and other stakeholders and use their feedback to further develop our programmes.
  • Give students more opportunities to develop the deep knowledge, broad skills, and range of attributes they need to become assured and considered graduates.
  • Provide guidance, support and resources to enable departments to deliver high-quality programmes.

Our vision

We are the University of Sheffield. And this is our vision.