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Joe Scarborough MICROSCOPE Demonstration

August 2019

The hard life of the honey bee forager

[  28 August  ]

Wednesday 28 August, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 1, The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD

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All of a bee hive’s productivity depends on the efforts of its forager bees. Foraging for pollen and nectar has always been an energetically demanding and cognitively challenging task, but human-induced changes to the environment are making this job even more difficult for forager bees. This lecture uses data gathered with state-of-the-art microsensors that track the activity of forager bees to describe just how hard forager bees work. New experiments analyse how pesticide residues in the environment affect foraging efficiency, and the consequences of compromised foraging efficiency for colony productivity.

Andrew Barron is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University in Sydney and Leverhulme Visiting Professor at The University of Sheffield. Andrew has studied honey bee behaviour and neurobiology for 20 years, focusing on fundamental mechanisms of cognition, learning and social behaviour, and how current environmental stressors are impacting honey bee health.

September 2019

What does it mean to Scale-Up Organisationally?

[  Starting 11 September  ]

execExecutive Education from The University of Sheffield

Apply to join and participate in a valuable initiative to share best practice, challenges and concerns as it relates to your own business and its focus on achieving growth. The Sheffield City Regional Council (SCRC) in collaboration with the University of Sheffield’s Management School & Sheffield Hallam Business School will be running a series of workshops over 4 days o support your organization.

The workshops will be delivered on the following dates: 11 September 11, 3 October, 6 & 25 November 2019. They will focus on many facets of business inclusive of business model thinking, leadership, risk management, budgeting and development of interpersonal skills to create the change mindset for scaling up your business.

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Understanding audiences for the contemporary arts

[  25 September ]

Wednesday 25 September, 5pm, Adelphi Room at The Crucible, 55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 1DA

We are hosting a series of public events celebrating the culmination of the Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts study. You are warmly invited to attend, so please do save the date!

UACA was set up under the umbrella of the Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre at the University of Sheffield, in close partnership with arts organisations in Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Bristol and Sheffield. The results of this major study will help contemporary arts organisations deepen their knowledge of who attends, why they attend and how to reach new people.

Come along to one of the events below to hear about the study’s findings and talk with local arts organisations about where this research might take us next.

Space is limited – RSVP to Email: if you would like to attend the event. This event is open to the public, so please do pass this invitation on to anyone that might be interested.

For a flavour of our research findings as a whole, you can download the Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts handbook here:

Public events will be held in the following cities:

Bristol – Wednesday 18th September 5:30pm
Liverpool – Friday 20th September 5pm
Sheffield – Wednesday 25th September 5pm
Birmingham – Wednesday 9th October 5pm
London – Wednesday 16th October 5:30pm
Please contact Email: for more information.

October 2019

The Realising Just Cities 2019 Annual Conference: Lessons, impacts and outcomes

[  15 October ]

Just Cities Conference

Urban Institute9am-6pm, Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield.

The conference is open to all and free to attend. Numbers will be limited and registration is required. Sign up by 16 September at the latest.

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The rapidly growing number of people moving into cities all over the world presents a challenge of unprecedented size. It is crucial to find ways to make urbanisation a source for wealth, health and sustainability – which is shared. Mistra Urban Futures arranges Annual Conferences about Realising Just Cities, which are hosted at our research platforms.

The 4th Annual Realising Just Cities Conference focuses on lessons, impacts and outcomes since the start of Mistra Urban Futures in 2010 but with particular emphasis on the current 2016-19 phase of closer international collaborative and comparative research now ending.

The Centre has sought to co-produce knowledge and action to support sustainable urban development across cities in the Global North and South, working through Local Interaction Platforms and other forms of partnership that bring together researchers from different stakeholders in transdisciplinary teams.

Each of our Annual Conferences has been hosted by a different city: Gothenburg (2016), Kisumu (2017) and Cape Town (2018). Our 2019 conference will be in Sheffield, hosted by the Sheffield-Manchester Local Interaction Platform and will include representatives from partner cities in Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Gothenburg, Kisumu, Malmö, Shimla, and Stockholm.

The Centre’s international comparative projects focus on issues such as city governance and participation, cultural heritage, migration, sustainable urban development, urban food systems, transport, waste management, public finance, and knowledge transfer. The conference will also offer an opportunity to find out more about local work in our individual city contexts.

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