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October 2019

Sheffield Annual Arts and Humanities Prokhorov Lectures

2019/20 Series

starting with "Albert Einstein on science, ethics, and religion" – Alister McGrath (Oxford)

[  15 OCTOBER  ]


Upcoming lectures

Albert Einstein on science, ethics, and religion – Alister McGrath (Oxford)

Tuesday 15 Octobe, 7pm, Sheffield Cathedral, No boo

About the talk

This lecture marks the centenary of the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity in 1919 by exploring his far-reaching ideas about the relation of science, religion, and ethics. McGrath will explore Einstein’s rich and rewarding views about the need to hold together God, science, and the quest for goodness in the light of the latest scholarship, and explore how they can help us develop our own ways of thinking about these important issues.

This lecture is part of the God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics lecture series.

About our speaker

Alister McGrathAlister McGrath is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. After studying chemistry at Oxford, McGrath gained a doctorate in molecular biophysics before going on to study theology, and gain two further earned doctorates from Oxford University in theology and intellectual history. McGrath is the author of many highly acclaimed works, including his bestselling Christian Theology: An Introduction and his prizewinning biography C. S. Lewis: A Life.

Dr Alister McGrath, source: Flickr by Matti Á. at

Race, class, and imperialism – Akala

Friday 18 October, 6pm, Lecture Theatre 1, The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Road, S3 7RD

About the talk

Akala take

s a historical look at the development of racism and race science in the context of class development and European Imperialism.

About our speaker


Akala is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip-hop artist, writer and social entrepreneur, as well as the co-founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company.

His five albums include DoubleThink (2010) and Knowledge Is Power (2015); among his best-known rap songs is "Comedy Tragedy History".

Akala is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire (2018) and in 2019 presented a BBC Four television documentary on Homer's Odyssey. Akala has gained a reputation as one of the most dynamic and articulate talents in the UK.

The Friends of Harry Perkins – Chris Mullin (with Off the Shelf)

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019, 7pm
  • Cadman Room, Millennium Gallery

About the talk

Chris Mullin will talk about his recent novel The Friends of Harry Perkins. The sequel to his bestselling A Very British Coup, this new novel is set in a future post-Brexit Britain whose standing in the world has diminished and where far-right influence has grown. Both a gripping political thriller and a chilling prognostication of where we may be headed, this is essential reading for our troubled times.

This lecture is organised by Off the Shelf in partnership with the Prokhorov Centre.

About our speaker

Chris Mullin was a Labour MP from 1987 until 2010, serving as a minister in three departments. Before being eleChri Mullin MPcted Member of Parliament, he was a journalist, working among other things for Granada Television. His television programmes, as well as his 1986 book Error of Judgment, were central to the release, in 1991, of the Birmingham Six, who had been wrongly convicted of the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings. In the 1990 TV film Who Bombed Birmingham?, Mullin was played by John Hurt. Chris Mullin is the author of the novels A Very British Coup, which was made into an award-winning TV series, and its sequel, The Friends of Harry Perkins. His other books include three highly acclaimed volumes of political diaries.

Photo: Chris Mullin MP, source: Flickr by Maggie Hannan -

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Men, women, and the twenty-first century: friends, lovers, or enemies? - Nina Power

  • Thursday 21 November 2019
  • Time and venue to follow

About the talk

This talk will take stock of the current relations between the sexes in the wake of multiple waves of feminism, after #metoo and the attacks on masculinity and ask – where now? Is it possible to imagine the relations between the sexes as something other than a zero-sum game in which one side's gain is the other side's loss?

This talk will argue that recognising mutual resentment is the first step to a much more interesting life in which the relation between men and women is not one of enmity but rather something much more playful. Drawing on classical conceptions of virility as well as contemporary debates about violence, sex, and love, this talk will propose a playful detente between men and women in the twenty-first century, the better to see and appreciate each other as we move forward.

AboNina Power credit and copyright Guy Smallmanut our speaker

Nina Power is a feminist philosopher best known for her international bestseller One-Dimensional Woman (2009). An expert on German and French philosophy, she has published on thinkers such as Ludwig Feuerbach and Alain Badiou, but also on film, art, and the relation between feminism and politics. She has written for The Guardian, Radical Philosophy, Wire, and Film Quarterly and also appeared in the ARTE television documentary Marx Reloaded, alongside John Gray, Peter Sloterdijk, and Slavoj Žižek. Her other books include Das kollektive politische Subjekt (2015) and a translation of Alain Badiou’s On Beckett (2003, with Alberto Toscano). Nina Power teaches philosophy at Roehampton University.

An Audience with Dave Thomas and Special Guest Harry Redknapp (in support of Guide Dogs)

[  29 October  ]



November 2019

Moneyland and the Rest of Us: Tax havens and wealth in the UK today

[  7 NOVEMBER  ]

Thursday 7 November, 6-7.30pm

Lecture Theatre 6, The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Road, S3 7RD

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Full It is estimated that at least $7.6 trillion or the equivalent of almost 10% of the world’s GDP is currently held in tax havens. By hiding their wealth offshore, the ultra-wealthy and corporations are able to escape tax, regulations and even criminal laws. The harmful impact of tax havens on global inequality is now widely understood, but their impact on our everyday lives can still seem distant and abstract. Bringing together award-winning author and investigative journalist Oliver Bullough and a panel of leading social scientists, this event discusses the impact of offshore cash on our daily lives, from lost tax revenues and spending cuts in local government, to the use of criminal capital to inflate property prices. Join us for a discussion with some of the leading voices on offshore wealth as they outline in concrete terms what tax havens mean for us and what can be done.

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