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Joe Scarborough MICROSCOPE Demonstration

November 2019

Institute of Physics Public Lecture: Advantage Play: the history of physics in sport

[  19 NOVEMBER  ]

by Professor Steve Haake, Sheffield Hallam University

Tuesday 19 November, 5pm, Lecture Theatre 7, Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, S3 7RH

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Technology has always been used to improve performance in sport. But does it really work? And if it does, when does it become cheating? In this presentation, Steve Haake will take a look at the long history of sports technology, going back to the ancient Greeks and fast forwarding through history to the present day. He will ultimately ask, if sport was to last as long as the Ancient Greek Olympic Games, it would still be taking place in 3036. What will sport look like then? And what will be consider to be cheating?

Steve Haake studied Physics at Leeds University before gaining a PhD from Aston University and becoming a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University. While there, he established sports engineering as a worldwide discipline, going on to lead the largest academic research centre of its kind in the world, now based at Sheffield Hallam University. He was the on-screen presenter for two Canadian one-hour documentaries called The Equaliser and Champions v legends that looked at the effect of technology on sport. He has appeared on BBC News, Newsnight, Channel 4, radio across the world and has written for the New Scientist, The Times Higher Ed, Physics World and more.

Steve is author of the book Advantage Play: Technologies that changed Sporting History.

Philosophy at the Showroom: November - Brokeback Mountain (2005)

[  28 NOVEMBER  ]

Thursday 28 November, 6pm, Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row

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Philosophy at the Showroom is a series of sessions probing the philosophical questions raised by some of cinema’s most intriguing films, and discussing books that have philosophical themes (either philosophical texts, or other works that raise philosophical questions). Our obligations to others, heroism, death, and the functioning of the mind are just some of the themes these screenings and the book events have explored.

Theme: Gay Identity and Homophobia

Introduced by Naomi Hetherington
A multi-award-winning film, Brokeback Mountain changed the face of gay cinema. Since its release, Proulx has received hundreds of letters from gay men and their families telling her how the story has changed their lives. We will discuss what the film can tell about us gay identity and homophobia.

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