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Joe Scarborough MICROSCOPE Demonstration

JUNE 2018

[  26 JUNE  ]  What robotics can tell us about how honey bees and humans think

The Leverhulme and Complex Systems Modelling Summer 2018 Lecture.

Thursday 26 June | 5pm | The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 4, Leavygreave Road, S3 7RD (map) | Enquiries


What does a honey bee think, and how can we know? This lecture covers what we know about the mental abilities and intelligence of insects like honey bees, and how approaches developed for robotics research are now helping us understand thought processes in different animals: from honey bees to humans.

This public lecture is organised by the Department of Computer Science, and will be delivered by Dr. Andrew Barron (Macquarie University, and Leverhulme Visiting Professor at The University of Sheffield).

Dr Barron is an expert in animal cognition, and a specialist in honey bee behaviour. Using advanced techniques to visualise, manipulate, map and record from the insect brain Barron’s team has made important contributions to the understanding of fundamental behavioural systems such as cognition, navigation, social behaviour, learning and memory.

[  26 June  ] Basic income: and how we can make it happen by Professor Guy Standing

basic income lecture

Lecture by Professor Guy Standing on Universal Basic Income, what it means and how it can be accomplished. Guy Standing is the Professor of Developmental Studies within the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and co-founder of BIEN, the Basic Income Earth Network. He is the author of several books focusing on labour economics and wealth redistribution including 'Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen', which will be the basis of this lecture. Come along for what is sure to be an informative lecture and discussion! Entry free


JULY 2018

[ 3 JULY ] God and the Good: St Paul's letters from the prison - an ethical review

Sheffield Cathedral in partnership with the University of Sheffield

God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics

This iCathedrals a series of interdisciplinary talks, intended for a general audience. The series will consider the relation between religious thinking and traditions on the one hand, and ethics on the other. While most ethical traditions have a religious background, the increasing secularization of modern society has put this connection in question. These talks will consider how far ethical issues can be illuminated by coming at them through a religious context, and vice versa, as well as the history of the interconnection.

All are welcome, and there is no need to register attendance.

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The Cathedral Coffee Shop opens from 6.30pm, serving tea, coffee, wine and light refreshments.

Talks and discussion 7.30pm–9pm, Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, S1 1HA

Tuesday 3 July: St Paul's Letters from the Prison - An Ethical Review

Minna Shkul (Department of Philosophy and SIIBS, University of Sheffield)

The lecture will focus on St Paul's prison letters, examining these as a farewell speech that provide Christ-followers with guidance on tradition, godly life and ethics. Having first discussed these instructions in their historical context in the Roman world, the paper will examine if these disputed letters are 'ethical' for 21st century readers, focusing on religiosity, ethnicity and gender, in particular.