Maintenance reporting and response times


Downloadable version of our maintenance response time policy

In order for maintenance issues to be resolved, problems should be reported as soon as possible. Where damage has been caused by residents, a charge may be incurred.

Ranmoor/Endcliffe and City accommodation (Including Studio 300)

The University is responsible for the repair and maintenance of your accommodation. Faults and/or maintenance requests in University accommodation can be reported in any of the following ways:

  • OnlineThe best way to get maintenance issues resolved is by filling in our Maintenance Request Form
  • Telephone: 0114 222 4488 (Option 1)
  • In-person: ACS Customer Services at The Edge and The Ridge
  • Email:

When reporting a fault, please provide the following information:

  • Full details of the nature of the fault
  • Location of the fault (including block, flat and room number if applicable)
  • Your name, plus your email address and telephone number This will ensure that repairs can be responded to quickly and accurately. For example, to mend a “broken window” the University may send round a glazier, but if, in fact, the window just won’t open, it might be more appropriate to send a joiner. This information will also enable the maintenance team to contact you should there be any issues.

Maintenance response times

There are two main service levels to expect reported jobs:


The University will endeavour to make safe as soon as possible, restoring or providing temporary solutions within 4 hours of notification. Priority 1 includes all repairs endangering safety, health and security, or where there is an immediate risk to the structure of the building. For example, gas leaks, major electrical faults, water leaks and fire.


Accommodation & Commercial Services. The University will endeavour to repair or rectify within 5 working days of notification. Priority 3 includes failures or repairs which affect amenities that do not seriously affect occupation or operational effectiveness. For example, faulty toasters and dripping taps.


Breakages of glass must be reported immediately to ACS Helpdesk. You may be charged for repair unless the glass has been broken from the outside and you have submitted a police crime reference number to Customer Services.

Allen Court

Faults and/or maintenance requests at Allen Court should be reported online using the StarRez Portal. You will receive an email prompting you to sign up to this.

Maintenance response times at Allen Court:


These will be completed within 24 hours of notification. For example, repairs to avoid a danger to health, a risk to safety or serious damage to buildings or residents’ belongings.

Urgent Repairs

These will be completed within five working days of notification. For example, repairs which materially affect residents’ comfort or convenience.

Non-urgent Repairs

These will be completed within 28 days of notification. For example, repairs not falling within the above categories.

Maintenance Staff Access

University representatives and contractors will carry identification and/or documentary evidence of the need for any repair (which you are entitled and are encouraged to ask to see). Advance notice of when repairs will take place cannot be given but will be within the above response times. If repairs have not been made within these times, please contact ACS Customer Services or Allen Court reception, quoting the job reference number if available.

Our representative will ring or knock to check before entering. If they receive no answer, they will use a key to gain access to the accommodation. For health and safety reasons, you may be required to wait outside your room whilst any repair is being carried out. If the repair is likely to cause a disruption, you will be given a minimum of 24 hours of when the work will be carried out.

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