Responsible Drinking Policy


Downloadable version of our Responsible Drinking Policy

Alcohol and Responsible Drinking Policy

  • We only sell spirits in single measures 25ml and double measure 50ml.
  • Wine shall be offered in 125ml, 175ml and 250ml
  • We will not mix spirits in the same glass other than as part of recognised cocktails. E.g. Dirty Pints.
  • Promotional activity will not suggest that consumption of the drink can lead to social success or popularity.
  • Promotional activity will not urge the consumer to drink rapidly or to “down” a product in one.
  • Promotional activity will not condone, encourage or glamorise excessive drinking or drunkenness or encourage anti-social behaviour.
  • Effects of intoxication should not be referred to in any favourable manner.
  • We will avoid any promotion that relies on an unpredictable event e.g. ‘first goal scored’, and therefore encourages urgent and/or unplanned alcohol consumption. 
  • We will not have promotions that involve drinking games.
  • We will not have any promotion that involves an initial payment to obtain reduced price alcohol for any period – e.g. “Quid’s In”
  •  We have a minimum pricing of alcohol set at £1.50
  • All promotional activity will incorporate a soft drinks offer and at all times prices of soft drink are all priced to encourage non alcohol drinking. 
  • Tap water will be freely available at all times.
  • If there is doubt over a persons age a valid proof of age must be shown acceptable forms of ID are a driving license or passport.

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