Smoke-free policy 2020-21


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Breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke, known as second hand smoking, has been shown to cause cancers, heart and respiratory disease in non-smokers.

While acknowledging that smoking is a matter of personal choice, Accommodation and Commercial Services and UNICUS recognises the responsibility it has to the majority of its staff, customers and visitors who are non-smokers and to those who smoke but would give up with encouragement. The department also acknowledges that second hand tobacco smoke is both a public and work place health hazard. In view of this and due to the nature of the work that ACS/UNICUS undertake and in conjunction with The University Health and Safety policy ( this policy should be adhered to at all times.

1.1 General Information

Smoking which includes the use of all e-cigarettes and vaping is not permitted in any part of the premises (including bedrooms, communal areas in residential accommodation and office space) managed, leased or owned by The University of Sheffield at any time, by any person regardless of their status or business with the organisation.

Smoking is not permitted at entrances, exits or outside open windows and is not permitted in any building or substantially enclosed public or private area occupied by one or more members of the public or a workspace whether used by one or more members of staff. Such spaces include lifts, corridors, stairways, toilets, rest rooms, reception areas, bars, catering and commercial outlets, and laundries and cycle sheds.

Staff, who are required to wear a uniform as part of their job role and are engaged in the preparation of food, should never smoke while wearing the uniform and should change out of their uniform as requested by their line manager.

1.2 Visitors

All visitors, contractors and deliverers will abide by the smoke-free policy. Staff are expected to inform customers or visitors of the smoke-free policy. However, they are not expected to enter into any confrontation which may put their personal safety at risk.

1.3 Staff

Staff are permitted to smoke at official break times only and must be outside premises away from entrances, exits and open windows of University buildings. Specifically, staff are not permitted to smoke outside the main Customer Services front doors at The Edge, The Ridge (including all wall areas that the front doors are located on) and where access is required for students visiting the Accommodation Office at 16 Endcliffe Avenue.

Consideration should be given at all times when smoking, that other guests, staff and students using entrances are not hindered by the smell of smoke and as requested should move away from highly visible areas.

Designated smoking areas are:

● The service yard for The Edge.

● The rear of Halifax Hall (near the kitchen entrance/bin area) for Halifax and Jonas.

● For all other locations including offices, smoking is only permitted 3m away from building entrances, exits and outside windows.

Smokers must ensure they dispose of all cigarettes and related litter, safely and responsibly.

1.4 Residents

Students and other guests in residences are not permitted to smoke in any part of the accommodation, which includes bedrooms and communal areas such as kitchens, living rooms, stairways and stairwells and extends to laundries and cycle sheds. Residents are responsible for ensuring that any invited guests comply with this policy. Where possible students should move away from building entrances and exits and not smoke outside bedroom windows.

1.5 Vehicles

Smoking is not permitted in vehicles belonging to or leased by The University of Sheffield and/or ACS/UNICUS, nor staff private vehicles if used to carry members of staff or members of the public whilst carrying out the duties of an employee.

1.6 Aims of the ACS Policy

The policy seeks to:

● Guarantee a healthy working environment and protect the current and future health of employees, students, visitors, contractors and clients of our services or products.

● Guarantee the right of everyone to breathe in air free from tobacco smoke.

● Comply with health and safety legislation and employment law.

● Inform staff and managers of their responsibilities in respect of the policy.

● Raise awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke.

● Take account of the needs of those who smoke and to support those who wish to stop.

● Promote the culture of a smoke-free organisation.

This policy applies to all students, staff living and working in all University buildings, all departmental visitors, customers, contractors and other persons who enter premises occupied/managed by ACS/UNICUS.

1.7 Implementation of the Policy

This policy has been active from 1 July 2007 and was rewritten in May 2014 and updated regularly thereafter. Responsibility for implementing this policy rests with all staff whether employed or voluntary. All managers are responsible for ensuring that existing staff in their sections are informed of the policy and their role in the compliance, implementation and monitoring of the policy. All new staff will be given a copy of the policy by the relevant line manager as part of the induction programme.

To ensure that everyone understands that smoking is not allowed in premises and vehicles, clear signs are displayed in accordance with the legislation. Tenders and supplier contracts will stipulate adherence to this policy as a contractual condition. Existing supplier contracts will be modified as soon as possible.

1.8 Disciplinary Action

Any member of staff refusing to observe the policy by smoking in unauthorised areas may be liable to disciplinary action in accordance with University / UNICUS Disciplinary Procedures. While persistent breaches of the policy might lead to disciplinary action under the Disciplinary Procedure, this will occur only after other measures have been exhausted.

Breaches of the policy by students in residences will result in disciplinary action being taken in the form of warnings and fines and could result in expulsion for persistent breaches. Fines may also be incurred if fire alarms are activated as a direct result of smoking in any part of student accommodation.

All staff have a role to play in enforcing the policy and are required to deal with any observed breaches or reported breaches. If managers or staff feel apprehensive about their own safety in regard to addressing any breach, they should seek management support. It is important to note that primary emphasis should be placed on prevention of such situations arising.

In the event of a breach of the policy by a visitor or staff member of other organisations, they should be asked to extinguish all smoking materials and be informed of the availability of external smoking areas. If they continue to smoke the matter should be referred to the appropriate manager or to security staff as appropriate. In the event that staff of other organisations continue to breach the policy, the appropriate organisation should be advised in writing of the consequences of breaching these requirements.

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