Under 18s policy 2022-23



The policy will apply to students living in University-owned/partnership accommodation whose 18th birthday falls after the first day of the Residence Contract of the year of entry to the University or to The University of Sheffield International College (USIC). This policy will not apply to students once they reach their 18th birthday.

1. Our responsibility to under 18-year-old students
1.1 House all those students who fulfil the terms of the accommodation guarantee in University-owned/partnership accommodation.
1.2 Where possible, give preference for vacancies in University-owned/partnership accommodation to under 18 students who do not qualify for the guarantee.
1.3 House students in accommodation where support is provided by Residence Life or to a 24 hour staffed reception facility.
1.4 Ensure Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are carried out where appropriate and in line with University procedures, including any staff (or partnership staff) who have regular contact with under-18s.
1.5 Upon arrival, all under 18 residents will be contacted with information regarding support services, life at University and an outline of support offered to under 18s. Residence Life will provide a named contact person for students under the age of 18 (usually the Student Support & Wellbeing Officer) and offer to meet in person.
1.6 Residence Life staff will be available to meet with the under 18 resident within 10 working days of a request being made. Meetings can be arranged if requested to help address specific concerns including putting matters in perspective, giving practical guidance, and advising students about services that they might find beneficial.
1.7 Promptly inform the person(s) named as next-of-kin/guardian if we become aware that the student:
a. is in serious rent arrears – more than 1 term in arrears.
b is in serious breach of the Residence Contract invoking the Disciplinary Regulations.
1.8 In all cases students are encouraged to involve a parent/carer and we will try to respect a student’s request for confidentiality. The student’s welfare is paramount and a decision to involve a parent/carer will only be taken when there are serious concerns regarding the wellbeing of the student.

2. Additional responsibility to under 18 year old students attending The University of Sheffield International College:
2.1 To allocate under 18 students to single gender accommodation.
2.2 Guarantee all under 18s university accommodation in line with the accommodation guarantee applicable to them.
2.3 To allocate accommodation where possible in line with date of birth to enable students of a similar age to live together in the accommodation.
2.4 Not to provide sharp knives in the kitchen where packs are included in the rent due to UK law on selling of knives to under 18s.
2.5 To abide by the Safeguarding Policy of Study Group, the provider of academic studies.

3. Accommodation and Commercial Services will not;
3.1 Carry out DBS checks or provide training for University contractors (attending to repairs within the residences). All contractors will, however carry identification.
3.2 Carry out any checks, other than those mentioned above, on under 18s living in University-owned or partnership accommodation.

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