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University Accommodation is still available! You are 100% guaranteed a room if you meet the terms and conditions.

Check below to see which applies to you, then follow the advice from the Accommodation Team. 


I've reserved my room, signed my contract and paid! 

Great! You're all done, just sit back and relax. We look forward to welcoming you in September.

Start living here with university accommodation

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I've chosen my room, and am waiting to sign my contract and pay my deposit.

Your room is secure, and you will be able to sign your contract and pay your deposit after 'A' Level results day on Thursday 16 August. 

We will not be doing this prior to A Level results day as it will be better for you to complete this once you know you are definitely coming to Sheffield. 

Make sure you check your emails after the 16 August to accept your contract offer. It may take a few days to get all the information to you, but your room is secure so don't worry!

I haven't applied for a room yet.

If you did not apply by 31 July, or are coming to the university to study through insurance, adjustment or clearing, applications are now open. 

When you do apply, you will be able to select your preference of room type and location, and will be allocated depending on availability.

Please remember, you are guaranteed accommodation as long as you’ve applied by 31 August 2018.

Fun starts here with university accommodation

Applications are now open, and you need to do the following to apply:

• Wait until you receive an email from the admissions teams stating that you can now apply for university accommodation
• Set up your MUSE account
• Log in to MUSE and start your application for university accommodation

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We are proud to announce that we have LGBT+ accommodation available at Ranmoor/Endcliffe. When you are applying for your accommodation you will be asked if you'd like to live in an LGBT+ flat, with en-suite and shared bathroom options available. Living in this accommodation is by no means compulsory for those who identify, but this option is no longer available. Click here to read a statement from the Students' Union Women's Officer, Celeste Jones.  

Families & Couples

Many of our international students bring their families with them to Sheffield and we are here to make your experience of studying at the University of Sheffield with your family as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The University recognises that additional factors need to be taken into account in bringing your family to Sheffield.

There is a wide variety of accommodation for couples and families at The University of Sheffield. The Accommodation Office can provide information about our accommodation and also to help you settle into your new home as a family.

The University Accommodation Services office will give you every possible assistance to find suitable accommodation, but as demand for this type of accommodation is sometimes greater than the number of properties available, the University cannot guarantee that suitable housing will always be found.

View families and couples - accommodation - use the menu on the left to select different types of family and couples accommodation.