Applications for accommodation

Applications for 2017-18

For all undergraduate and postgraduate students who still require accommodation, please email the accommodation office to check availability.

Erasmus and Study Abroad Students - Semester 2

If you are an International and EU Erasmus or Study Abroad student arriving in February 2018 for Semester 2, you can apply now by logging in to MUSE

If you are a home student who has been abroad for semester 1, and are returning in February 2018, please contact the accommodation office to apply.

All Semester 2 students are guaranteed accommodation, the deadline to apply has now been extended to 12 January 2018

ELTC Students (starting in January and April)

If you are an ELTC student starting a course on 15 January or 26 April 2018 you can apply now by logging in to MUSE


How to apply

Click on the accommodation advert in MUSE, you can access MUSE at any time simply by clicking 'Log in to MUSE' in the black bar along the top of any webpage.

If you haven't set up your University MUSE account yet, please do this now by following the instructions at:

It will only take 2 minutes to complete this step.  You will need your date of birth and ONE of the following pieces of information - applicant number or your email address.

Don't panic if you haven't already received your email - they are being processed and sent out so you won't have to wait too long. 

Families & Couples

Many of our international students bring their families with them to Sheffield and we are here to make your experience of studying at the University of Sheffield with your family as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The University recognises that additional factors need to be taken into account in bringing your family to Sheffield.

There is a wide variety of accommodation for couples and families at The University of Sheffield. The Accommodation Office can provide information about our accommodation and also to help you settle into your new home as a family.

The University Accommodation Services office will give you every possible assistance to find suitable accommodation, but as demand for this type of accommodation is sometimes greater than the number of properties available, the University cannot guarantee that suitable housing will always be found.

View families and couples - accommodation

Applications for 2018-19

Applications for the academic year 2018-19 will commence in March 2018; further information will follow.