Deposits & Inventory

What’s the deal with deposits?

Deposits-smallWhen you accepted your contract, you paid a deposit of £150. This is held in case you are responsible for any damage or cleaning issues in your accommodation.

We want to maintain a high standard for you and future students so if there is a problem, those responsible will be charged out of their deposits to put things right.

How do we identify charges?

When we are made aware of an issue in your accommodation – by you, your cleaner or following an inspection – we identify whether it has been caused by general wear and tear or by willful or accidental damage. For example, chair material bobbling is classed as wear and tear, whereas stains on the carpet are classed as damage.

If it is caused by wear and tear, you won’t be charged. If we think it’s as a result of damage, whether accidental or on purpose, evidence such as a photograph will be taken and we’ll notify you by email with details of the damage and cost. When you move out, your room and shared areas will be inspected and compared to the information stated in your inventory. If there are any differences you will be charged.

Damage to shared areas

One of the biggest issues we have is with students disputing communal charges. Understandably, no one wants to be charged for something they haven’t done. The only way this can be resolved is if whoever is at fault takes responsibility for their actions and owns up to causing damage.

How will I be charged?

If any charges are identified during the course of the year, we will email you with details of the damage and cost.

  • If the charges are for individual damage, you will be sent an invoice.
  • If the charges are for shared areas, the cost will be taken from your deposit.

Once you’ve moved out, your accommodation will be inspected and we will email you within six weeks of your contract end date. This email will contain instructions on how to view your deposit charges (if any) online.

  • If the charges amount to less that £150, they will be deducted from your deposit and the remaining funds returned to you.
  • If the charges amount to more than £150, you will also be sent an invoice for the remaining amount not covered by your deposit.

You can pay online using a debit card or credit card, or in person at the Income Office. If you have any queries about a charge, you’ll have seven days in which to raise them. Email with any queries.

How will my deposit be returned to me?

Any remaining balance of your deposit will be refunded into your bank account. To ensure you receive your refund as quickly as possible, you will need to supply us with your UK bank account details. There will be a secure facility available via MUSE between May and July where you’ll be able to provide us with your correct details.

What’s an inventory?

Inventory-smallAn inventory is a quick online questionnaire which allows you to record the condition of your accommodation and furniture when you move in.

You’ll be able to confirm details on all aspects of your property, such as whether your toaster is working, not working, or missing. It will only take 5-10 minutes and our Maintenance team will respond to any issues which you identify.

For more information on the Maintenance team and response times, take a look at our Policies and Procedures.

Why complete an inventory?

Completing an inventory is your opportunity to make us aware of any issues with your accommodation and make sure you’re not charged for them.

Your inventory must be completed within seven days of your contract start date, otherwise it will be assumed that you are responsible for any damages and you may be charged out of your deposit to put them right.

For shared areas, including kitchens and living areas, you’ll need to get together with the rest of your flatmates to go through the inventory together, with only one person submitting it.

How to complete your online inventory

1. First Things First
You’ll need to have registered your University computer account and email address, and have your student registration number. To do this, visit

2. Get The Ball Rolling
Log on to to register for your inventory and enter the information requested.

3. Completing Your Inventory
Now, work your way through the inventory going into as much detail as possible (it’s worth putting everything down, even things you might not think matter). You can always partially complete it and come back to it later, but remember to save your progress before your log out. To log back in, go to

4. Shared Areas
Your inventory will show whether or not you are classed as sharing areas with other students. If you are, you are all responsible for this part of the inventory. Get together and nominate one of you to complete it and submit it on everyone’s behalf. Don’t submit it until you’re all happy.

5. Almost There
It’s now time to submit your inventory but, before you do, make sure you are happy with it as you won’t be able to make any changes after this. Partially completed inventories won’t be accepted, nor will those that have been completed but not submitted.

6. Confirmation
You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know once we’ve received your inventory. Keep an eye out for this as it’s important proof of your submission.