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Photos (left to right): Government alcohol strategy, magnetic solar tornadoes and gas turbine engines.

Research Groups

The research in ACSE is organized in three research groups, which reflect three strategic research themes.

Autonomous Systems and Robotics (Autonomy Theme)

This research group carries out world leading research in autonomous and robotic systems by investigating key research problems of sensing, control, decision making and system integration. Themes include: design of autonomous industrial robots, biologically inspired principles of sensing and control, self-assembling robotic systems and swarms and advanced software architectures for decision making.

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Complex Systems and Signal Processing (Complexity Theme)

The group is internationally renowned for its work on the identification and analysis of complex spatio-temporal systems, nonlinear signal processing, and the analysis and design of nonlinear systems in the frequency domain.

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Intelligent Systems, Decision and Control (Intelligence Theme)

The group makes a global impact on advances in multiobjective evolutionary optimization algorithms, intelligent health monitoring and fault diagnosis, decision support systems for biomedicine, information processing and computational data modelling.

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