The Boardroom - Meet the speakers 2023

Meet the globally leading alumni who led The Boardroom 2023 and watch the recordings of their masterclasses.


FareShare logo

Kris Gibbon-Walsh

Chief Operating Officer at FareShare UK

(MA Chemistry 2005)


Bank of America logo

Shamir Malviya

Managing Director and Associate General of Bank of America

(LLB Law 1993)

Equistone logo

Steven Whitaker

Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Equistone

(BA English Literature 1992)


AFBE logo

Oluwole ‘Ollie’ Folayan

Co-Founder of the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE) UK and Scotland

(BEng Chemical Process Engineering and Fuel Technology 1999)

Zebedee logo

Laura Winson

Founder and Director of Zebedee

(BA Sociology 2004)


Ineos logo

Brian Gilvary

Chairman of Ineos Energy

(BS Mathematics 1983)


The Floow logo

Dr Sam Chapman

Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Innovation of The Floow

(BE Software Engineering 1999, MA Research Physically based Modelling and Human Body Forensics 2000, PhD Doctor of Philosophy 2010 and Honorary Doctorate of Engineering 2022)

Lela logo

Varija Bajaj

LELA by Varija Bajaj,  O&Y, Varija Home, VARIJA Lifestyles, Varija Life and The Career Talks

(Master of Business Administration 2003)

Belle PR logo

Charlotte Belle Tobin

Founder and Managing Director of Belle Public Relations

(BA Hons History 2010)


MKM logo

Kate Tinsley

Chief Executive Officer at MKM Building Supplies

(BA Economics 1999)

ELMM coaching logo

Cassie Leanord

Founder of ELMM Coaching

(MS Aerodynamics and Aerostructures 2006)

Chanel logo

Rubya Ramjahn

Associate General Counsel, Technology, Innovation, Arts & Culture at Chanel

(LLB Law 1997)


Intel logo

Dr Bashir Mohammed

Senior Staff AI Architect- Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) at Intel

(MS Control Systems Engineering 2012)