Charitable status

The University of Sheffield is a charity. It is an Exempt Charity* (reference X 1089).

The benefits of our charitable status are:

  • The University can reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue under the Gift Aid scheme, increasing the value of donations from UK tax payers by an extra 25% of the gift
  • Higher rate tax payers can also qualify for personal tax deductions on donations made to the University
  • The University pays no income tax and inheritance tax on gifts of money or property it receives. A gift made to the University in a Will reduces the tax payable on the estate
  • A gift of stocks and shares made to the University will reduce the donor's income tax liability, and makes the gift exempt from capital gains tax

* Certain charities are 'exempt' from Charity Commission supervision because they are considered to be adequately supervised by, or accountable to, another authority. Although not subject to Charity Commission jurisdiction, an exempt charity is subject to the legal rules generally applicable to charities.

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