4 November 2019

Sheffield ranked among world’s best for Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences

Sheffield has placed 62nd and 59th respectively in the Times Higher Education world rankings for our teaching and research in Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences subjects.

Students walking past Jessop West.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2020 assesses more than 500 universities across the world for a range of subjects, and highlighted Sheffield as a globally leading institution for languages, literature, linguistics, history, geography, politics, economics, philosophy, music, architecture and archaeology.

Arts & Humanities

One of the most renowned university league tables, the rankings highlight institutions that are leading in subjects such as languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, music, architecture and archaeology.

The University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities is home to more than 3,500 of the brightest students from around the world. They study everything from the novels of Jane Austen and the Brontȅs, famous musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven, to languages and cultures, past civilisations, human behaviour and its impact on some of the world’s biggest issues.

Sheffield is also home to more than 350 leading arts and humanities researchers whose curiosity about the languages, cultures, histories and imaginaries that make us human drives learning at all levels.

We are absolutely delighted to be recognised once again as one of the world’s top 100 universities for arts and humanities subjects. Arts and humanities scholars and graduates are needed in the world now more than ever as they have the unique skills and abilities to help us understand and address some of our biggest challenges.

“Human behaviour is at the centre of many of the world’s most pressing issues and the arts and humanities are best placed to help us understand them. We can’t address the climate crisis, deal with the major political issues of the day or build international collaborations and friendships without scholars and graduates from the arts and humanities sharing their critical reflection, analytical skills, knowledge and understanding.

“The rankings reflect the University of Sheffield’s leading teaching and research in this area, but I also hope they can remind everyone of the vital importance of arts and humanities subjects.”

Professor Susan Fitzmaurice

Vice-President for Arts & Humanities

ICOSS building in the evening, at the University of Sheffield

Social Sciences

One of the most renowned university league tables, the rankings highlight institutions that are leading in subjects such as geography, economics, architecture and politics.

The rankings also placed the University of Sheffield among the world’s top 100 for teaching and research in education and law, and in the top 150 for business and economics.

The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences encompasses architecture, economics, education, geography, the Information School, journalism studies, landscape architecture, the Management School, politics and international relations, the Sheffield Methods Institute, sociological studies, urban studies and planning.

I am delighted to see the University of Sheffield recognised as being among the very best in the world for teaching and research in social science.

“Our academics are finding innovative ways to make our societies happier, more inclusive and more sustainable – and teaching our students to question the ideas and influences that shape our lives.”

Professor Craig Watkins

Vice President and Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences