Taking on Couch to £5K - Naz

Naz is one of our amazing supporters who has signed up to take part in the Couch to £5K challenge. Find out more about her and why she is so motivated to get involved.

Couch to £5K for Genetic Disease Research

What made you choose to sign up for the Couch to £5K challenge?

After completing a series of chemo sessions for breast cancer, I have been slowly getting myself back to fitness. I have been walking 5k now for a couple of weeks, which has been taking around 50 mins. I’m keen to improve my time to 45 mins but don’t want to push too hard.

What does fundraising for Genetic Disease Research at the University of Sheffield mean to you?

My breast cancer is not from the brac gene but I am curious if there is any other gene that causes breast cancer. I have two daughters (17 and 19) and it would be good for them to know if this is a genetic disease.

How do you feel about taking on this challenge?

I am nervous about taking the challenge but I’m excited as well. At one point, I was a regular park runner and I’m keen to be able to do it again.

Do you have any advice for your fellow alumni who might be considering taking on the challenge?

My advice for fellow participants would be to just do it. Life is too short to be procrastinating.

Would you like to support our runners during their challenges? Visit the Couch to £5K for Genetic Disease Research JustGiving page to donate now.