Welcome to the Class of 1970

Welcome to the Class of 1970’s reunion page. Congratulations to our alumni celebrating 50 years since graduating from the University of Sheffield.

Rag week was an experience, staying up all night to decorate a float and then taking part in the parade. Twikker – the Rag mag, always a good laugh. The pyjama dance in Cutlers Hall and then the long walk back to digs via Frog Walk.

Norma Makin (née Crabtree)
(BSc Chemistry 1970, BEd Education 1971)

Rag junior committee 1969

Junior Rag Committee 1969

Dr Graham Brisbane
(BEng Civil Engineering 1970)

Facts and figures: 

Price of: 

  • a loaf of bread 9p
  • a pint of milk 19p 
  • a pint of beer 26.5p 
  • a litre of petrol 7p


Drinking a yard of ale in the Students' Union garden

The Sheffield Yard of Ale 1969

Dr Graham Brisbane
(BEng Civil Engineering 1970)

Facts and figures: 

The Prime Ministers at the time were Harold Wilson (Labour) and Ted Heath (Conservative)

The average wage at the time was £1,080

Three fantastic years with memories galore, which have hardly faded after 50 years!

John Bitton
(BEng Civil and Structural Engineering 1970)

Fact and figures

Chelsea won the FA Cup at Old Trafford

A Boeing 747 landed at Heathrow Airport - the first jumbo jet to land in Britain

Paul McCartney announced he was leaving The Beatles

The third Isle of Wight Festival takes place with appearances from Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors and Joan Baez

A life-changing experience was seeing The Who in the Lower Refectory. At the end of the set Pete Townhend smashed his guitar and Keith Moon demolished his drum kit. It was so loud and wild. I had never seen anything like it before, and I was hooked!

Professor Philip Marsh
(BSc Genetics & Microbiology 1970)

The Rag Spider logo from 1970

The 1969 Rag spider

John Bitton
(BEng Civil and Structural Engineering 1970)

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