Scholarships appeal

The difference Sheffield can make to a talented student is huge - and it all starts with you.

When you support a scholarship, you help a student from a disadvantaged background to experience all Sheffield has to offer. You also help them go on to make a positive difference in the world.

Sheffield male student smiling at the camera

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Changing lives

Receiving a scholarship can change the course of a student's life forever. They may come from lower-income or disadvantaged families, be the first in their family to go to university, or have no family support at all.

Perhaps they attended a school with low higher education attainment, are registered disabled, or have caring responsibilities.

Scholarships make university accessible to talented people who deserve to fulfil their potential, irrespective of their background. A scholarship will give a hard-working and high-achieving student the chance to take part in sports and societies, access crucial employability programmes, or just go out and socialise with friends.

Sheffield student, Amaarah, smiling at the camera.

My scholarship has given me the freedom at university that everyone desires without the constant worry about money. I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity to make my family proud."


Biomedical science student

What your gift will support

Tuition fees, textbooks, equipment, field trips, printing costs, rent, food, utility bills, activities, bus fares - they all add up. The increasing cost of going to university can be a real barrier for those from lower-income or disadvantaged backgrounds. By donating to support scholarships, you can help to change that.

  • £10 a month could enable a scholarship student to participate in a club or society.
  • £50 a month could pay for a student to attend a field trip that they'd otherwise miss out on.
  • £250 could cover the cost of textbooks and equipment.
  • £1,200 could fund an undergraduate Experience Sheffield scholarship for a year.
  • £5,000 could fund a Sheffield Postgraduate scholarship, match-funded by the University.
  • £10,800 could pay for three undergraduate students to receive full Experience Sheffield scholarships.

By donating, you’re helping to change the life of a student who really needs your support. You’re unlocking experiences we could only dream of before, and making our university experience truly come to life."


Politics and International Relations student

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When you make a gift to scholarships, it means so much more to students than just the financial support

  • You show a student that you believe in them and want them to achieve.
  • You give a student the opportunity to benefit from all Sheffield has to offer.
  • You inspire a student to raise their aspirations and expand their interests.

Scholarship student Kwadwo Antwi

In the future I want to donate to scholarships. I'd like to ease a student's struggles and help their university experience to be great. Thanks for doing that for me.

Kwadwo Antwi

Dentistry student

Supporting more students in need

Scholarships are awarded to those most in need. But every year, demand outstrips supply. Students who would benefit from financial support aren’t getting the help they need.

Thanks to generous donations, more than 1,000 students have received undergraduate and Master's scholarships over the past five years, transforming their university experience and their lives. 

Your kindness will give more students the help they need to excel here at Sheffield.

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