Welcome to the Classes of 1990, 1995 and 2000

Congratulations to alumni celebrating 20, 25 or 30 years since graduating from the University of Sheffield. We hope you enjoy reminiscing about your time as a student in Sheffield as you take a look at these reunion pages, which have been created for alumni from the classes of 1990, 1995 and 2000.

How could I forget the really cheap buses that took you to the Peaks to walk for 10p. The hole in the road. The hills! 

Teresa Coupe (née Farrell)
(BEng Civil & Structural Engineering 1990)

The Dentistry Class of 1990

The Class of Dentists in 1990

Katharine Ibberson (née Brown)
(BDS Clinical Dentistry 1990)

Fact and figures 1990

Prime Ministers at the time: Margaret Thatcher / John Major (Conservative) 

Price of: 

  • a loaf of bread 65p
  • a pint of milk £1.24
  • a pint of beer £1.19
  • a litre of petrol 47p
1995 student accommodation

Abdul-Kahar sat in his student halls room

Abdul-Kahar Abdul-Ghaffar
(MA Landscape Design 1995)

Fact and figures 1995

Prime Minister at the time: John Major (Conservative) 

Price of: 

  • a loaf of bread 75p
  • a pint of milk £1.44
  • a pint of beer £1.67
  • a litre of petrol 60p  

If it weren’t for Sheffield, I would have never watched the Snooker Championship, nor would I have been able to enjoy the different tastes of beer. Virtual ales for all. Cheers!

Joan Llinas Suau
(BA Spanish & Catalan 1995)

Fact and figures 2000

Prime Minister at the time: Tony Blair (Labour)

Price of: 

  • a loaf of bread 70p
  • a pint of milk £1.36
  • a pint of beer £2.00
  • a litre of petrol 85p 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sheffield University. I met some of the kindest people who went out of their way to help me. I look back with fondness on the group of fellow students and teachers whose laughter and encouragement helped me through my studies and back to work.

Cecilia Irvine
(MA Information Technology Management 2000)

An aerial photo of campus from the 1990s

Campus from above in the 1990s

Support scholarships

In some ways, your experience of being a Sheffield student in the 90s is similar to the experience of students today. But in others, it’s very different.

With no state-funding or maintenance grants available, the rising cost of living means higher education comes at a particularly high price for many students. Rent, food and bills, textbooks and laptops, travel costs and field trips all add up. And so, for students from lower-income and disadvantaged backgrounds, these costs become overwhelming and prevent them from fulfilling their true potential.

As the classes of 1990, 1995 and 2000, you can help change this by supporting a scholarship for a talented student hopeful of studying at Sheffield.

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