Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year, a few particularly generous graduates go above and beyond in their volunteering activity to guide, advise and inspire students, and support the University. This award recognises their valued contribution.


We're delighted to announce that the Alumni Volunteer of the Year 2023 is Frankie Atkinson (Bioengineering 2017)

Frankie Atkinson alumna portrait photo
Frankie Atkinson alumna

Frankie is a longstanding alumni volunteer, who has supported students in Bioengineering for 4 years. She has travelled up from London to share her career insights with students on a careers module.

Frankie was nominated by the module leader who explained that students really value the time and effort that she puts into talking to them. She is an excellent example of a Sheffield graduate and somebody we want to highlight and celebrate.

Having the opportunity to share real-life experience with University of Sheffield students is so rewarding, and always leads to great discussion within the group. I hope that through these open conversations, students have gained some useful insight into the different options available, and have felt empowered to direct and drive their own future opportunities.

Frankie Atkinson, Alumni Volunteer of the Year Winner

Highly Commended 2023

Our Highly Commended volunteer this year is Bilal Ahmad (Dentistry 2017)

Bilal has supported dentistry students by providing work experience opportunities at his practise. He has enabled disadvantaged students who may not normally have connections in the dental sector to gain insight they need to study at Sheffield and become the future generation of dentists.

Bilal has gone above and beyond through giving up his time to speak at an insight evening, allowing students to shadow him for a full day and giving time to online Q&A sessions.

I wanted to provide some help with access for students to get into this competitive field and not be held back by things out of their control.

Bilal Ahmad, Highly Commended Alumni Volunteer of the Year

eMentoring Awards

We're delighted to announce that the eMentor of the year 2023 has been awarded to Jordan Piper (History BA, 2004).

Jordan started mentoring in 2015 and has taken part every year since then, providing advice and support to a total of 7 students.

I really enjoy participating in the eMentoring programme. The mentoring relationship is symbiotic and I find it challenging and rewarding. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the current generation of students at the University of Sheffield and to hear about their studies, hopes and dreams. It’s an honour to have the opportunity to help them achieve their goals through mentoring 

Jordan Piper, eMentor of the Year 2022

Hundreds of alumni take part in the Careers Service eMentoring every year. Find out more about this programme below and see how you could get involved in mentoring a student too.

eMentoring Programme

Previous Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

2022 - Matthew Donovan (BA French and Spanish 1992)

2021 - Lauren Nicholson (BA Economics 2012)

2020 - Mark Ansell (BA Social Policy and Sociology 2006)

An alumnus and a student shaking hands