Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year, a few particularly generous graduates go above and beyond in their volunteering activity to guide, advise and inspire students, and support the University. This award recognises their valued contribution.


We're delighted to announce that the Alumni Volunteer of the Year 2022 is Matthew Donovan (BA French and Spanish 1992)

Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, Matthew Donovan

Matthew is a longstanding alumni volunteer, who has been a mentor on the eMentoring programme since 2014. Matthew has given hours of his time to support mentees over the phone, online and via email.

We’d especially like to recognise Matthew’s outstanding contributions this year, when he not only undertook his usual mentoring role, but also supported the new Coach Cafe initiative by sharing his insights and experiences with current Arts & Humanities students. Matthew also attended a Careers Service event where he spoke to final years about navigating the world of work after graduation.

I am privileged to have had the opportunity to study at Sheffield University and I'm proud to be able to give something back in the form of being "someone to ask". I hope my experiences provide students with guidance and direction in an increasingly uncertain world. Knowledge is only power when shared. I enjoy learning about students' real-life situations and helping them find their way. It has helped me learn and grow as a professional and as a human being.

Matthew Donovan, Alumni Volunteer of the Year Winner

Runner up 2022

Our runner up this year is Enoch Lam (Urban Studies and Planning 2017)

Runner up Alumni Volunteer of the Year award, Enoch Lam

Enoch has supported home and international students with advice about working in the UK and Hong Kong. He brings international insight to his department’s curriculum planning as an External Liaison Board Member. He also helps with some of our Alumni groups in Hong Kong as well as offering support to Hong Kong students returning home to start their careers.

I have found sharing my career experience and aspirations with the young planners highly satisfying. Studying at University is just the start - it’s about how you continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I find volunteering a really rewarding way to stay connected to the University.

Enoch Lam, Runner up Alumni Volunteer of the Year

eMentoring Awards

We're delighted to announce that the eMentor of the year 2022 has been awarded to Niall Hatchell (BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology 2017; MSc Molecular Medicine 2018).

Niall Hatchell eMentor of the Year 2022

Niall is currently a Project Manager at Adelphi Real World. He started mentoring in autumn 2018 and has taken part in the programme every semester since then, providing advice and support to a total of 8 students.

It's always a pleasure to assist the new generation of University of Sheffield Bioscience students. It's been extremely rewarding being part of the eMentoring scheme for 3 years now, interacting with the students, getting new perspectives and trying to impart learnings in this challenging global job market. Looking forward to carrying on in the future and to continue to give back to an institution that gave me so much.

Niall Hatchell, eMentor of the Year 2022

Hundreds of alumni take part in the Careers Service eMentoring every year. Find out more about this programme below and see how you could get involved in mentoring a student too.

eMentoring Programme

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