We’re at the AIAs!

Members of staff of Department of Archaeology present at the Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting

Three staff from the Archaeology Department at the University of Sheffield will present results of their research at the AIA and SCS Joint Annual Meetings in Boston from 4 to 7 January 2018.

Jane Rempel, together with Owen Doonan of California State University Northridge, will discuss the evidence for the Hellenistic fortifications of Ancient Sinope as part of the Colloquium on the ongoing excavation project at ancient Sinope entitled ‘Sinope Citadel Excavations: a Precolonial and Early Colonial Nexus of Black Sea Communications’.

Paul Johnson has co-organized a colloquium ‘Beyond the Walls: Bridging the Rural/Urban Divide in the Study of Roman Landscapes’, supported by the Marie Curie Alumni Association. Through the use of case-studies in central-Italy, Spain, and Portugal, his presentation will dissect the impact of Roman urbanism upon provincial Landscapes and propose an agenda for the study of occupational continua through geophysical survey and remote sensing.

Jana Mokrisova has co-organized a colloquium ‘Anatolia’s Melting Pot? Reassessing Cross-Cultural Interaction and Migration in the Early Iron Age’, which explores the heterogeneity of western Anatolian communities at the beginning of the first millennium BCE. Her talk will argue that mobility within this region was the dominant structuring force of interaction at the end of the second millennium BCE and will also address some methodological questions of studying human movement through fragmented material remains.

If you’re in Boston, come along and hear our talks!

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For further information about the AIA-SCS Joint annual meetings please visit https://www.archaeological.org/annualmeeting.