Sheffield Post Graduate Students at the Kalamata ISA 2016

Sheffield Post Graduate Students attend the 2016 International Symposium on Archaeometry

This coming Monday sees the start of the 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry, this year hosted in Kalamata, Greece (15th-21st May). ISA is the prime forum for the presentation of Materials Science approaches to Archaeological Materials and our Cultural Materials Research Group has its strongest ever representation. The group has 4 oral and 9 poster presentations on metals, glass and ceramics.

Sheffield was also honoured to be invited this year to organise the Panel and Forum Discussion, in which will be debated the Role of Archaeometry in Anthropocene Studies. The Panel consists of Kostalena Mihelaki of Arizona State University, our own Roger Doonan and John Barrett and alumna Despina Catapoti of the University of the Aegean.

Reflecting our research-led teaching, the Sheffield participation includes 15 Masters students, 9 PhD researchers, and 6 post-doctoral researchers and academic staff. The research and presentations reflect a deep collaboration amongst researchers of all levels in the Department, much of it student-led. Of the 18 papers on ceramics during the week, a remarkable 10 will be presented by current or former members of the department, showing the influence of Cultural Materials at Sheffield on the international stage.

Special Panel and Forum Discussion

Discussants: John Barrett, Despina Catapoti, Roger Doonan and Kostalena Mihelaki
Chairs: Peter Day and Marc Walton (Northwestern)

Oral papers

The longevity of ceramic production centres: Implications for the analysis of pottery (P.M. Day and V. Kilikoglou)

Minoan-style Transport Jar production in the LHIIIB Argolid, Greece (M. Tenconi, P.M. Day, K. Demakopoulou, E. Kardamaki, J. Maran and A. Papadimitriou)

Fashioning ceramics and weaving worlds: The Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age transition at the Heraion, Samos (S. Menelaou, O. Kouka and P.M. Day)

Revisiting the technological revolution at the beginning of the Bronze Age: The Final Neolithic-Early Bronze Age ceramic manufacture at Phaistos, South-Crete (R. Mentesana, P.M. Day, V. Kilikoglou and S. Todaro)

Poster Presentations

A biography of copper: Material investigations of culture contact in the Pacific Northwest during the Colonial Era Lenore Thompson and Roger Doonan

Chemical composition of glass bead in Kueishan site, southern Taiwan (the late 1st millennium AD) (K.-W. Wang, K.-T. Li, Y. Iizuka and C. Jackson)

Reflections on the properties of high tin copper alloys: An experimental study of casting Chinese high tin bronze mirrors (P. Ding, N. Georgiou, M. Giobbe, M. Lester, M. Mlyniec, W. Moody, J. Pepermans, U. Thuering, S. Xi, P. Zarzuela Gutierrez and R. Doonan)

Space craft: An experimental study of the formation, form and spatial distribution of Hammerscale (L.-O. Lortie, B. Proulx, L. Thompson and R. Doonan and R.C.P. Doonan)

A study of slag type variation from a controlled series of experimental iron bloomery smelts (P. Cropper, W. De Roeck, V. Halldorsdottir, E. Harrison, A. Stienaers, R. Doonan and Y. Marks)

Once upon a time in the East: Ceramics and the Ziros Survey (L. Van Grootel, K. Branigan, M. Dalinghaus, P. Tomkins and P.M. Day)

Grog in the Well: A technological reconstruction of the pottery assemblage from the EMI Well at Knossos (C.-H. Tsai, D.E. Wilson, V.Kilikoglou and P.M. Day)

The persistence of pottery traditions in the Bronze Age Ionian Island: The use of grog temper in Kephalonia (M. Giobbe, C. Souyoudzoglou-Haywood, A. Sotiriou and P.M. Day)

Exchange network of the early medieval village of Rocchicella (Sicily): A petrographic study (V. Testolini, G. Montana, L. Arcifa and P.M. Day)

Aboriginal pottery from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) (6th -15th c. AD). New insights from archaeological and textual evidence (M. Del Pino Curbelo, A. Rodríguez Rodríguez, J. Buxeda I Garrigós, J. Mangas Viñuela and P.M. Day)