Sheffield Archaeology Research! 2015-16 recap

This summer we’re taking the opportunity to look back at the past year and reflect on what we’ve achieved. This week, a look at Sheffield Archaeology research from the past year.

MEMOLA a Top 5 Innovative Project

The MEMOLA (Mediterranean Mountainous Landscapes) project has been ranked by the EU Humanities Scientific Committee as one of their top five European innovative research projects.

St Davids Cathedral Exhibition

The St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project is a collaboration between the Department of Archaeology's Dr Katie Hemar and the Dyfed Archaeology Trust.

The project focuses on the excavation and post-excavation analyses of an Early Medieval cemetery situated in sands dunes at Whitesands Bay (Pembrokeshire), now threatened by coastal erosion.

Exploring the English Civil War in Newark

The department's Dr Hugh Willmott and Dr Rachel Askew has been discussing their work on the Newark Civil War Project with the University of Sheffield's research impact magazine Discover.

Sheffield archaeologist unravels mystery of mummification

Working with colleagues from the University of Manchester and University College London, Tom Booth, as part of his doctoral research at Sheffield, analysed skeletons at several Bronze Age burial sites across the UK.

Mystery in the Marsh – Little Carlton

A recent Current Archaeology article, co-authored by Sheffield Archaeology PhD student Pete Townend, Hugh Willmott and colleagues, has sparked international media interest.

The article, 'The Mystery in the Marsh', documents the discovery of an island, which was home to a Middle Saxon settlement, at Little Carlton near Louth, Lincolnshire by archaeologists from the University of Sheffield.

Making wine for the Roman emperor

This summer Prof. Maureen Carroll and a team of specialists and students explored the archaeological remains of a rural estate at Vagnari in Puglia (ancient Apulia) in south-east Italy which generated revenues for the Roman emperors from the early first century A.D. The Sheffield project began in 2012, and will continue in the coming years.

Sinop Kale Excavations launched in Turkey

In the summer of 2015, Jane Rempel and Sue Sherratt began their collaboration in the Sinop Kale Excavations, an exciting new archaeological project in the heart of the ancient city of Sinop on the north coast of Turkey

Dig It! 2016: The Firth Park Bandstand Archaeology Project

This year’s Dig It! project saw Sheffield Archaeology staff and students work with local school students to investigate the remains of the bandstand in Firth Park, in northern Sheffield.

Sheffield Archaeology - international conferences:

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