St David’s hosts showcase event for the St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project

Following the excavation of St Patrick’s Chapel, Pembrokeshire in May 2015 and the Project’s exhibition in St David’s Cathedral throughout August and September, St David’s in Pembrokeshire played host once again, this time to the St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project Showcase Event which took place in the city on the 26th September.

The event aimed to showcase the work that has been undertaken to date as part of the St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project, which is a collaborative partnership between Dyfed Archaeological Trust and Dr Katie A. Hemer, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, and focuses on the early medieval cemetery of St Patrick’s Chapel, Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire.

The Showcase event, which was held at the Cathedral’s Education and Pilgrimage Centre, brought together the excavation’s volunteers, members of the local community, project partners, and investors. The day consisted of talks by those involved with the Project and who undertake research into early medieval Pembrokeshire, including; Ken Murphy (Director of Dyfed Archaeological Trust), Prof. Nancy Edwards (Bangor University), Marion Shiner (Dyfed Archaeological Trust), Rhiannon Comeau (UCL) and Dr Katie A. Hemer (Sheffield).

Following the talks, a premier of the Project’s film was shown; the film was co-produced by Dr Katie A. Hemer and director, Stephen Kingston, in order to produce an accessible, half-hour program about the excavation. It is hoped that the success of this event, and the positive feedback received, will help strengthen the Project’s case for further funding to continue with the excavation next year.