Dr Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt - DPhil, C.Psychol, MA(Ed), SFHEA, AFBPsS, Occ.psy


Lead for Professionalism and Patient Safety

Medical Education
The Medical School
The University of Sheffield
Beech Hill Road
Sheffield      S10 2RX

Tel:  0114-222-5363
Email:  p.vivekananda-schmidt@sheffield.ac.uk


I am a Chartered Psychologist with practitioner status in occupational psychology. I am also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK and a senior member of staff of the Sheffield Medical Education team. My interest and experiences are in:

  • Organisational development, managing change and training; developing and assessing professionalism and ethics and law education; human factors and errors in decision making.
  • Professionalism and Patient Safety which encompasses developing competencies in ethics and law, developing leadership and team working skills, developing as a reflective practitioner and teacher and values and competencies in developing as a safe practitioner.

I am module lead for the faculty’s compulsory Research Ethics & Integrity training for postgraduate researchers as well as the Faculty's Learning and Teaching Officer for quality.

Research Interests

  • Developing and validating assessment tools for performance
  • Technology enhanced learning, especially the application of Serious Gaming principles for medical and healthcare training
  • Understanding factors that influence student performance
  • Developing ethical training and ethical practice

Teaching Activities

  • Curriculum development in ethics and law, patient safety education, and research ethics and integrity
  • Application of medical ethics and law to medical or healthcare practice; and Research ethics and integrity
  • The role of human factors in patient safety, including biases in thinking
  • I lead on the Curriculum Development Module for the PGCert in Medical Education course

External Roles and Activities

  • Trustee and member of the Education Committee, Institute of Medical Ethics, UK
  • Editorial Advisor - Walker, H. (Editor). 350 Questions for the Situational Judgement Test (Medical Finals Revision Series). CRC Press. Taylor and Francis Group.
  • National and International medical and healthcare education collaborations (e.g. Norway, Sri Lanka and Leicester)

Current Projects (Selected)

  • PhD supervision: Assessing the utility of a simulation based curriculum for undergraduate medical students (with Dr Michelle Marshall, Sheffield
  • PhD supervision: Teaching clinical reasoning skills to nursing students (with Dr Mariann Fossum, Norway)
  • Developing a serious game based training package the support the development of decision making skills of foundation doctors (Consultancy with Royal College of Surgeons, UK and Leicester); See www.surgicalgames.co.uk
  • Understanding the role of belongingness in student performance and well being (with Professor John Sandars)

Key Publications

Shaw, S.; Vivekananda-Schmidt, P. (2017). Challenges to ethically managing Parkinson's Disease: an interview study of patient perspectives. Journal of Patient Experience. Accepted for publication April 2017.

Johnsen, H.M., Fossum, M., Vivekananda-Schmidt, P., Fruhling, A., Slettebø, Â. (2016). A Serious Game for Teaching Nursing Students Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making Skills. Stud Health Technol Inform., 225: 905-6

Editorial Advisor - Walker et al. (2016). 350 Questions for the Situational Judgment Test’, Taylor and Francis, in print

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