Bateson Symposium – 31st March 2023

The Bateson Centre Away Day will be held on Friday 31st March from 1pm to 4:30pm in the Alfred Denny Conference Room.

The Bateson Centre Logo
The Bateson Centre Logo


1:00-1:10 PM Introduction (Dr. Catarina Henriques)

1.15-3 PM Invited talks (15 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A) (Chair: Dr. Freek Van Eeden)

1.15 PM Dr. Emily Noël: Interrogating the origins of congenital heart defects in Adams-Oliver Syndrome
1.35 PM Professor Sherif El-Khamisy: DNA Repair at non-coding regulatory regions
2.15 PM Dr. Simon Johnston: A multidisciplinary approach to biological function and discovery in host pathogen interactions
2.35 PM Dr. Andrew Grierson: Investigating rare neurological diseases using zebrafish
3.00 PM Dr. Kyra Campbell: Harnessing the power of the fruit fly to tackle cancer metastasis
1.55 PM Professor Tanya Whitfield: Epithelial morphogenesis in the developing zebrafish inner ear

3:20-3.50 PM  Coffee break

3.50-4:10 PM Selected “flash” talks (3 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A) (Chair: Dr. Andrew Grieson)

3.50 PM Rebecca Walker: The Autosomal Recessive polycystic kidney disease protein, FPC, releases mitochondria localising fragments involved in preventing cystogenesis (PI: Dr. A. Ong)
3.55 PM Thomas Burgess: Hif Modulation of Innate Immunity to Treat C. albicans Infection (PI: Dr. P. Elks)
4 PM Stamatia Christaki: The effect of two ER stress associated DUBs in modulating inflammation and cartilage development in zebrafish larvae. (PI: Dr. H. Ismail)
4.05 PM Bethany James: Human pluripotent stem cell modelling of hypothalamic development. (PI: Profs. Barbaric/ Placzek and Furley)
4.10 PM King Yee Cheung: Olfactory rod cells: a putative mechanosensor in the zebrafish olfactory epithelium. (PI: Prof. T. Whitfield)

4.10 PM Community Session (Chair: Dr. Emily Noël): “Speed Networking” to stimulate collaboration

5.10 PM Social: beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks at “The Interval“ for whomever would like to join

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