Our team of architecture academics help us understand the overall energy efficiency of houses.



  • Dr Hasim Altan (lead)
  • Professor Jian Kang
  • Dr Mohamed Refaee

It is recognised that three key factors influence energy use in homes:

  • the fabric of the building
  • the source of energy used to heat water and to keep the house warm
  • the behaviour of the residents

In order to understand how these three factors are interrelated and affect the overall energy efficiency of the house, a team of academics from the School of Architecture led by Dr Altan are measuring a number of indicators that best provide a picture for the house.

The team will monitor some of the households across the different areas of the project and will look at internal temperature, relative humidity, air quality, gas and electricity consumption as well as how air tight the property is (how much unwanted air can get in to the house from issues like poorly fitted doors) and noise levels.

The data obtained through the monitoring of the houses will be used to build a computer simulated models of different house types which in future will allow to test which interventions will produce the best results for the house.

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