Research outputs

As part of their ongoing work, the BIG Energy Upgrade team have produced a variety of research outputs across multiple disciplines.



  • Kaklamanou, D., Jones, C.R. and Webb, T.L. (In Press). "Using public transport can make up for flying abroad on holiday": Compensatory green beliefs and environmentally significant behaviour. Environment and Behaviour.
  • Genovese, A., Koh, S.C.L and Acquaye, A. (2013). Energy efficiency retrofitting services supply chain: Evidence about stakeholders and configurations from the Yorkshire and Humber region. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Refaee, M. and Altan, H. (2012). Measured indoor environment and energy consumption compared to accepted standards: a case study of Kirklees, Yorkshire, UK. PLEA2012 - 28th Conference, Opportunities, Limits & Needs towards an environmentally responsible architecture, 7-9th November 2012. Lima, Peru.
  • Altan, H., Emankaf, Z., Young, K.K., Refaee, M. (2012). Design of HVAC Systems for Deprived Community Houses in Yorkshire and the Humber Region in the UK. 33rd AIVC Conference - 2nd TightVent conference, 10-11th October 2012. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Koh, S.C.L., Genovese, A. and Acquaye, A. (2012). BIG Energy Upgrade: Procurement and Supply Chain report - Green Deal and Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Supply Chains Delivery. Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Acquaye, A. (2012). The demand and supply synergy: best practice procurement policies and the optimal design on supply chains configurations for regional energy efficiency projects. British Academy of Management Conference. 11-13th September 2010. The University of Cardiff.
  • Refaee, M. and Altan, H. (2012). An Evaluation of Indoor Environments in Social Housing in the South Yorkshire and Humber Region of England, UK. 11th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET02012), September 2-5th, 2012. Vancouver, Canada.

Dissemination events

Energy Monitoring and Household/Community Behaviour -  Work Package 3
Dr Stuart Wrigley, Dr Christopher Jones and Dr Thomas Webb

Stakeholders and Supply Chain Workshop - Work Package 2
Professor Lenny Koh, Dr Andrea Genovese and Dr Jon Morris

Meeting with Ian Liddel-Grainger MP in Westminster to discuss energy and The Big Energy Upgrade Project
Professor Lenny Koh

Preliminary Findings Workshop - Work Packages 1 and 3

European Movement Conference - The Benefits of EU Funding in the Yorkshire Region
Professor Lenny Koh

The Big Energy Upgrade: What does it mean for Fuel Poverty
Robert Marchand

Public Meeting & Question Time with Caroline Flint MP - How we can tackle the challenges of fuel poverty, fossil fuels and climate change to create energy we can all afford
Professor Lenny Koh

Meeting with Lord Redesdale at the House of Lords to discuss energy and the Big Energy Upgrade project
Professor Lenny Koh

Fuel Poverty Event

Householder Opinions about Energy Efficiency Interventions: Insights from Work Package 3 (Psychology)
Dr Tom Webb, Dr Chris Jones and Fiona Scott

Big Energy Upgrade Launch Event
Introduction to the Big Energy Upgrade Project and address by the Secretary of State, Energy and Climate Change, Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP

BIG Energy Upgrade launch Procurement and Supply Chain Report at the Green Deal Value Chain event
Professor Lenny Koh, Dr Andrea Genovese and Dr Adolf Acquaye

Procurement Best Practice Workshop - Work Package 2
Professor Lenny Koh, Dr Andrea Genovese and Dr Adolf Acquaye

Planning Workshop - Work Package 2
Professor Lenny Koh, Dr Andrea Genovese and Dr Adolf Acquaye

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