Computer Science

The team of Computer Science academics working on the BEU project are focussing their work on the remote digital monitoring of the energy use of those living in some of the houses benefitting from the installation of energy efficiency measures.



  • Professor Fabio Ciravegna (lead)
  • Dr Stuart Wrigley

As part of their work they arecollecting data on energy performance and energy usage patterns that will be fundamental for studies across the project. Cost effective monitoring of a larger number of dwellings is achieved by remote monitoring e.g. via broadband.

The data collected will be analysed in order to identify profiles of energy usage and clusters of data across the region that are associated with type of accommodation, family, etc. and hence a profile of energy consumption patterns for the rest of the region and country.

The information obtained from the work carried out by the Computer Science team and that gathered by the Psychology team can be used to provide a personalised energy-use feedback to residents with the benefit of encouraging appropriate energy saving behaviour and develop broader energy understanding.

A broader comparison between individual energy consumption and that of other families living in the same community and in similar households can also help to expand the learning to the whole community.

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