Management School

The UK energy efficiency market was valued at around £2 billion in 2010, but little is known about this sector in Yorkshire and the Humber.



  • Professor Lenny Koh (lead)
  • Dr Andrea Genovese
  • Dr Adolf Acquaye

Building on an initial scoping study, the Management School team will ensure that the economic benefits derived by the installation of the energy efficiency measures from the BEU project are maintained within the region.

This will be achieved by identify the economic stimuli needed to deliver short and long term benefit to the region and by designing a regional supply chain for the energy efficiency sector.

The supply chains of new and emerging energy efficient and renewable energy technologies will be looked at with an aim at establishing current capabilities; gaps in the supply chain, lack of awareness of the companies by the local authorities and an inability to accurately forecast future demand for products all hamper the growth of the energy efficiency sector.

Through interviews and focus groups a more detailed picture of the issues facing the current supply chain will be developed and validated by key partners in the supply chain, resulting in the creation of best practice guidelines for the growth of the sector.

As well as analysing the supply chain, the Management School’s team will also look at monitoring the effectiveness of the interventions and at benchmarking activities across the region in order to promote best practice amongst partners.

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