Our team

Find out who is involved in the programme.


Project directors

  • Professor Lenny Koh
  • Professor Steve Banwart

Work packages

Our different work packages and the people involved in each of them.

Work package one: Building Fabric and Energy Technologies

  • Dr Hasim Altan, Work Package Leader
  • Professor Jian Kang, Acadmic
  • Dr Buick Davison, Academic
  • Abigail Hathway, Academic
  • Dr Mohamed Refaee, Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Danielle Densley Tingley, Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Work package two: Stakeholders and Supply Chain

  • Professor Lenny Koh, Work Package Leader
  • Dr Andrea Genovese, Academic
  • Dr Jon Morris, Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Work package three: Energy Monitoring, Behaviour and Empowerment

  • Professor Fabio Ciravegna, Work Package Leader
  • Dr Tom Webb, Academic
  • Dr Chrus Jones, Academic
  • Dr Stuart Wrigley, Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Fiona Scott, Research Associate

Work package four: Administration, Dissemination and Development

  • Professor Lenny Koh, Work Package Leader
  • Dr Marina Ciaraldi, Project Manager
  • Katherine Powell, Project Support Officer
  • George Rees, Business Development
  • Oliver Hutchison, Business Development manager

EPSRC PhD student network

  • Rob Machard
  • Chris Maidment
  • Jennifer Salter

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