The research cluster Behavioural Research for Inclusivity, Sustainability and Technological Transformation (BRISTT) is engaged in a variety of research projects that probe the profound impacts that consumption and new technology have on society and the environment.


Welcome from cluster director

The research cluster for Behavioural Research for Inclusivity, Sustainability and Technological Transformation (BRISTT) was established in 2019, consolidating the research strengths of academics in the Marketing and Creative and Cultural Industries Subject Group. Our work probes the profound impacts that consumption and new technology have on building inclusive, sustainable societies and communities. The cluster’s focus is closely linked with the vision and mission of Sheffield University Management School of the central role of Corporate Social Responsibility in operations of public and commercial organisations. We work with a variety of research communities, industry associations and individual organisations, as well as civil society and the general public and welcome new exploratory enquiries. Contact us via email

Dr Anthony Grimes


Our research agenda is multidisciplinary and focuses on understanding and transforming consumption over three broad and interconnected themes:


Our newspapers, TV and the web are awash with debate around inequality, gender, sexuality, religious freedom, disabilities and disenfranchised individuals or groups. People often experience inequality as consumers, for example, through provision of public and private services, or recognition in organisational communications and practices. Members of BRISTT are investigating these practices to identify mechanisms for supporting vulnerable users and advancing meaningful transformations of societal norms. Some of the current projects our members are working on include developing methodologies for inclusive robotics designs and examining covert discrimination in public and commercial media communications.


Climate change, plastic and others forms of pollution; obesity and dietary change are just some of the issues influencing sustainability and the future well-being of our planet, children and grandchildren.   Our research includes a focus on the ‘new climate’ of consumer and business behaviour that enables brands, organisations, and individuals to be responsible and engage in safeguarding against activities that have  harmful impacts upon the natural environment or well-being.

Technological Transformation

Social media, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data and continuing to profoundly change the world in which we live in.  We are exploring the challenges and opportunities created by advances in digital technology have on society, marketing, networks and social interactions and how this is transforming consumer behaviour, attitudes, and future consumption in contexts as diverse as robots, autonomous cars and tele-medicine.