Research outputs

BRISTT is internationally recognised for research on digital transformation, sustainability, inclusivity, and Cultural and Creative Industries. Recent peer-reviewed publications of BRISTT members in above research themes are provided as follow:


Cultural & Creative Industries  

Four people showing painted hands

Arriagada A & Bishop S (2021) Between commerciality and authenticity: the imaginary of social media influencers in the platform economyCommunication, Culture and Critique.

Bishop S (2021) Influencer management tools: algorithmic cultures, brand safety, and biasSocial Media + Society, 7(1).

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Morgner C (2015) An Interim Report Compiled by the Creative Industries Internationalization CommitteeCultural Trends, 24(2), 194-196.


Three hands over a map of the world

Kipnis E. et al. (2021) Institutionalizing diversity and inclusion engaged marketing (DIEM) for multicultural marketplace wellbeing. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40 (2), 143-164.

Kipnis E, Bebek G, &Broeckerhoff A. (2021) Within, in-between, out-of-bounds? Locating researcher positionalities in multicultural marketplaces. Journal of Business Research, 123, 401-414.  

Morgner C & Patel H (2021) Understanding Ethnicity and Residential Fires from the Perspective of Cultural Values and Practices: A Case Study of Leicester, United KingdomFire Safety Journal, 103384-103384.

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A hand holding the globe handing it over to an empty hand

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Technological Transformation

Laptop with programming code on the screen

McLeay F, Olya H, Liu H, Jayawardhena C, & Dennis C (2022) A Multi-Analytical Approach to Studying Customers Motivations to Use Innovative Totally Autonomous Vehicles. Technological Forecasting & Social Change.

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