Research projects

BRISTT is at the forefront of establishing and advancing marketing, sustainability, inclusivity, digital and CCI research in emerging areas that continue to gain in significance.


Influencer Marketing and Climate Change

Sign reading: 'there is no planet B'

This project explores the role of influencer marketing in tackling climate change as well as the opportunities and risks of employing influencers with the aim of driving behavioural changes.

Staff involved: Dr Hossein Olya

Tackling climate change using creative communication (digital character)

VIDA, a digital character, with her hair blowing in the wind with blue skies.

This project aims to develop a digital character with a compelling backstory and narrative that stimulates active listening, empathy, rapport, influence, and eventually behavioural changes toward climate change at the nationally and international scale.

Staff involved: Dr Hossein Olya

Opportunities and Dilemmas of AI Development and Adoption

Woman and man working together at a computer

This project aims to generate a detailed picture of the opportunities and obstacles associated with the legal function of organisations using advanced technologies. The results will enable strategies to develop to mitigate any challenges and accelerate the wider application of value-adding technological solutions in the future.

Staff involved: Professor Fraser McLeay | Dr Tadhg Blommerde

Digital Health and Medical Analytics

Doctorl with mobile phone

This project explores the transformational potential of digital innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning in healthcare.

Staff involved: Dr Yichaun Wang

Living well with cognitive impairments through creativity

An elderly couple sat on a sofa using a tablet together.

This project, which is funded by Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, will analyse the impact that therapeutic artistic sessions ran by Unforgettable Experiences have on participants.

Staff involved: Dr Christian Morgner

When and how does going beyond direct customers facilitate innovation success?

Circles of different colours linked with lines in different colours.

This projects aims to address the complexities and barriers when firms need to utilise indirect customers by examining when and how firms can network beyond their direct customers in order to identify and mobilise resources needed in this context.

Staff involved: Dr Sabrina Thornton

Projects overview

Developing tourism marketing

Developing and delivered training workshops to marketing directors of tourism ministry in West African and Middle East countries.

Staff involved: Dr Hossein Olya

Marketing and climate change

Presenting the results of a project funded by the Marketing Trust to the Scottish Government Climate Change Policy Unit with a view of informing the Unit’s Low Carbon Behaviours team.

Staff involved: Dr Caroline Oates

Sustainable food labelling

Collaboration with Compassion in World Farming to conduct research on sustainable food labelling.

Staff involved: Dr Panayiota Alevizou

Opportunities and challenges for manufacturers in adopting the internet of things

A pitch-in mini project supported by the Research England's Connecting Capability fund with Cambridge University is exploring the opportunities and challenges that manufacturers have in adopting the internet of things and engaging with UK manufacturers.

Staff involved: Professor Fraser Mcleay