Meet the BRISTT team. Profiles and contact details for BRISTT members are listed below.


Co-Directors of BRISTT

Name Email
Dr Eva Kipnis
Professor Fraser McLeay

Affiliated members

Name Email
Dr Panayiota Alevizou
Dr Ranis Cheng
Dr Carole Couper
Dr Anthony Grimes
Dr Nasreen Gul
Dr Annette Loeseke
Dr Lien Monkhouse
Dr Caroline Oates
Professor Hossein Olya
Dr Sabrina Thornton
Dr Yichuan Wang
Dr Alex Woodall

Research associates

Name Email
Dr Tadhg Blommerde

Doctoral researchers

Name Project focus Email
Tahani Alzahrani Consumer Culture Insights into Drivers of Food Waste in Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Alzaid Trust in Social Media and Fake News
Audrey Chen Sustainability and festivals  
Victoria Circus Sustainability education and reverse socialisation
Xiaoye Fu TBC
Junan He Revisiting self-brand congruence (vs. discrepancy) as value pursuits
Emma Johnson Perceived social inclusion/exclusion derived from brands’ representations by Muslim LGBT consumers
Rui Ma Telemedicine and Digital Misfit  
Noha Saada Sustainable food practices in Egypt
Sheli Smith Marketing to children
Natyra Xharavina CSR in fashion brands in SEE
Zaiqing Yu Marketing of museums