Introduction to Experimental Research Methods Workshop, with Dr Amin Nazifi

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Wednesday 25 May 2022
Executive Suite 3, Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield, Conduit Road, Sheffield, S10 1FL


We are excited to host Dr Amin Nazifi, Associate Professor of Marketing at Birmingham University, who will deliver a training workshop on Experimental Research Methods.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce experimental research as an alternative research method. The first part of the workshop will focus on the theoretical side by introducing experiments and their advantages and limitations compared with other methods. This will be followed by examining different types of experimental designs and the key elements in designing an experiment. The second part of the workshop will focus on the practical side of experimental research, drawing on some of the best practices and some of the key issues and considerations are discussed. For this purpose, the following article which uses several experiments will be used:

Nazifi, A., Gelbrich, K., Grégoire, Y., Koch, S., El-Manstrly, D., & Wirtz, J. (2021). Proactive handling of flight overbooking: how to reduce negative eWOM and the costs of bumping customers. Journal of Service Research, 24(2), 206-225.

Speaker's bio

Dr Amin Nazifi holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Edinburgh. His primary research is on services marketing with a focus on service termination, service failure and recovery, proactivity, and the impact of new technologies on customer satisfaction and well-being. Amin’s research has appeared in some of the world leading business journals including Journal of Service Research, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, and Journal of Business Research among others. He has also received a grant from Academy of Marketing for his research on gamification in a service recovery context.

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