Research Seminar by Professor Stephan Henneberg

BRISTT host Professor Stephan Henneberg for a research seminar exploring the underlying enquiry system of QCA and how it can be used in management research.

Stephan Henneberg presenting.

BRISTT recently hosted a research seminar by Professor Stephan Henneberg entitled, 'Using Complex Causation Analysis: Enquiry System, Method, Applications, and Publication Experiences in Management Studies'.

Professor Henneberg is currently Chair of Marketing and Strategy at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London.

During this seminar he introduced the underlying enquiry system of QCA, outlined its analysis method, and provided examples of using QCA in management research.

The session was very well attended and received by a multi-disciplinary audience of Sheffield University Management School researchers from the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, international business, operations management and decision sciences.

The group of attendees at Stephen Henneberg's seminar.

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