After graduation - what we can offer you

Did you know that even after you have graduated you can still get loads of help and support from the Careers Service? Well, you can! But you need to sign up for some of our features now – before you lose your University user account!

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Career Connect

We have hundreds of vacancies advertised by employers who are looking for graduates. These include RISE - internship vacancies within the Sheffield area

 Once you graduate your record will be rolled over so that you can continue to use our system but make sure you change your email address to a personal one for job alerts.

You can also book an appointment to talk to an adviser or send us an enquiry.


Careers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

How to Succeed at: Writing Applications - started 19th June

How to Succeed at: Interviews - started 10th July

Learn how to write stunning applications and prepare for interviews by completing our two free short courses. They can be done in your own time.

interview simulator

Interview simulator

We've bought a fantastic piece of interactive software to help you practise interview questions. You can record your answers as you go and compare your responses against video advice from employers.

Sign up now with your University username and you can continue to use the software 

profiling for success

Psychometric tests

If you are applying for jobs, you may have to take a psychometric test as part of the selection process, so it's a good idea to use our online practice tests to prepare. You’ll get helpful feedback for each assessment you take.

Sign up to our Graduates First and Profiling for Success tests before you leave.

careers with my degree

Use your subject

Find out about the career options open to you and read about the careers that graduates from your department have chosen. 

going global

Going global

Fancy working or studying abroad? Or maybe you are an international student who is returning home? Create a personal account on our Going Global database, and access country specific career guides, and search for job openings and internship opportunities.

Send us an email enquiry via Career Connect and we will set you up on the system.


We can support you for up to three years after you graduate, so please get in touch with us if you need help with your career planning.

Use Career Connect to book a 20 minute appointment with a Careers Adviser or, if you find it difficult to visit us, send an enquiry enquiry. 

Even if we don't hear from you, we'll be contacting you in six months to find out what you are doing as part of the Destinations of Leavers in Higher Education (DLHE) survey. You can find out more about the survey on our video.

Good luck!

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