Our members

CEES is based within the Faculty of Social Sciences but draws together expertise from across the university. Here are some of the people currently linked with the centre.

Name Role Contact
S.C, Lenny Koh Director of CEES s.c.l.koh@sheffield.ac.uk
Andrea Genovese Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Management School a.genovese@sheffield.ac.uk
Matt Watson Senior Lecturer in Human Geography - Department of Geography m.watson@sheffield.ac.uk
Martina McGuinness Senior Lecturer in Risk Management and Strategy - Management School m.mcguinness@sheffield.ac.uk
John Cullen Professor of Management Accounting - Management School john.cullen@sheffield.ac.uk
Robert Marchand Lecturer in Operations Management - Management School r.marchand@sheffield.ac.uk
Victor Shi Guang Post-doctoral Research Assistant - AMRC guang.shi@sheffield.ac.uk
Andrew Timmis Post-doctoral Research Assistant a.j.timmis@lboro.ac.uk
Seyed Ebrahimi Post-doctoral Research Assistant s.m.ebrahimi@sheffield.ac.uk
Peter Jackson Professor in Geography - Department of Geography P.A.Jackson@sheffield.ac.uk
Ruth Little Research Fellow - Department of Geography Ruth.Little@sheffield.ac.uk
Frank Birkin Professor of Accounting for Sustainable Development - Management School F.Birkin@sheffield.ac.uk
Colin Williams Professor of Public Policy - Management School C.C.Williams@sheffield.ac.uk
Andrew Brint Lecturer in Operations Management - Management School A.Brint@sheffield.ac.uk
Buick Davison Big Energy Upgrade Academic - Civil and Structural Engineering j.davison@sheffield.ac.uk
Abigail Hathway Big Energy Upgrade Academic - Civil and Structural Engineering a.hathway@sheffield.ac.uk
Fabio Ciravegna Department of Computer Science F.Ciravegna@sheffield.ac.uk
Tom Webb Department of Psychology t.webb@sheffield.ac.uk
Stuart Wrigley Automatic Control and Systems Engineering s.wrigley@sheffield.ac.uk
Martin Mayfield Professor of Civil & Structural Engineering martin.mayfield@sheffield.ac.uk
Raymond Obayi Doctoral Researcher - Management School raymond.obayi@manchester.ac.uk
Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed Research Associate - Management School T.Ibn-Mohammed@warwick.ac.uk
Erica Ballantyne Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management - Management School e.e.ballantyne@sheffield.ac.uk
Dr Iwona Zwierzak Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) iwona.zwierzak@namrc.co.uk

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