Offers are subject to candidates satisfying enhanced Disclosure and Barring checks, Occupational Health Screening; and providing consent to the sharing of information between the University and the NHS as part of the training process.

In addition, entering the profession of clinical psychology involves adhering to appropriate standards of professional behaviour. Offers are also subject to the requirement of signature of an Entry Agreement, which clearly articulates these responsibilities. The University of Sheffield is committed to ensuring that all candidates for professional training programmes are fully appraised of such requirements prior to application for any programme. A copy of this agreement is sent to candidates for information with any offer of interview and is also available on the programme website.

Occupational Health Screening

All prospective trainees are required to complete Occupational Health screening and be available to meet with a member of the occupational health team for the employing Trust if this is requested. They will review any health concerns and advise whether you are fit to undertake employment. They may discuss with you any adjustments which may need to be made to support you during your training. With your consent they will send any recommendations to the Director of Clinical Practice regarding any reasonable adjustments advised. 
In the case of a long-term health condition, or a disability, a collaborative training plan would then be developed to ensure that adjustments are made to facilitate your ongoing training. You should be aware that the training is only offered as a full time programme and any adjustments made would be to support you in fulfilling that commitment. You may find it helpful to look at ‘Health, disability and becoming a health and care professional’ available on The Health and Care Professions Council website.