Below is a list of current staff in the Clinical Psychology Unit. For further information and individual profiles, please click on a name.


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DClinPsy Clinical academic tutors

Name Summary of responsibilities Email Telephone
DClinPsy enquiries  
Professor Michael Barkham

Professor -
Professor Nigel Beail

Professor 0114 22 26575
Professor Richard Bentall

Lecturer 0114 22 26530
Dr Elizabeth Corker Lecturer  
Dr Jaime Delgadillo

Research Director

Senior Lecturer 0114 22 26614
Professor Gillian Hardy


Director of CPU 0114 22 26571
Dr Vyv Huddy

Clinical Lecturer 0114 22 26636

Dr Tom Isherwood

University Teacher/ Academic Tutor  tbc
Saafi Mousa Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead tbc
David Saxon PhD

Research Fellow 0114 2226629
Dr Mel Simmonds-Buckley Lecturer  
Professor Glenn Waller

Professor 0114 22 26568
Charlotte Wright Academic tutor  

DClinPsy Clinical tutors

Name Summary of responsibilities Email Telephone
Dr Katharine Boon

Senior Clinical Tutor 0114 2226633
Helena Drury Clinical Tutor  -
Dr Katherine Hildyard

Senior Clinical Tutor  
Catharine Kay Clinical Tutor   
Dr Alexandra Leedham Clinical Tutor  
Dr Charlotte Merriman Clinical Tutor  
Dr Liza Monaghan

Clinical Tutor 0114 2226638
Dr Kate Rayner

Clinical Tutor 0114 2226631

IAPT tutors

Name Role Email Telephone
IAPT Enquiries  
Abi Bradbury

IAPT Teacher 0114 2226605
Rachel Cammidge IAPT Teacher tbc
Dennis Convery IAPT Teacher 0114 2226644
Louise Crawley IAPT Teacher tbc
Deepak Dhuna IAPT Teacher tbc
Helen Ellerington IAPT Teacher tbc
Mike Goodchild IAPT Teacher tbc
Jennie Hague IAPT Programme Director 0114 2226605
Catherine Machin

IAPT Teacher 0114 2226588
Georgina Miles IAPT PWP Deputy Programme Director 0114 2226589
Ian Mitchell IAPT Teacher 0114 2226643
Alison Pickard IAPT Teacher 0114 2226599
Saniya Rabbani IAPT Teacher tbc
Maggie Spark IAPT HIPI Deputy Programme Director 0114 2226641
Matthew Taylor IAPT Teacher   
Ryan Thornton IAPT Teacher tbc

EMHP staff

Name Role Email Telephone
EMHP enquiries -
Casey Baldacchino EMHP Project manager -
Abigail Bradbury  EMHP Supervision Programme Director 0114 2226605
Nicole Connor EMHP Teacher tbc
Sara Giles EMHP teacher tbc
Laura Jackson EMHP Teacher tbc
Georgina Miles EMHP Teacher 0114 2226589
Sarah Priestley EMHP Teacher tbc
Siobhan Taylor EMHP Programme Director tbc
Katie Wilson EMHP Teacher tbc

CAPs Staff 

Name Role Email Telephone
CAPs enquiries  
Liam Ennis CAPs Teacher  
tbc CAPs Programme Director    
Victoria Tew CAPs Teacher  

CBT-ED staff 

Name Role Email
CBT-ED enquiries 
Glenn Waller CBT-ED Programme Director
Sally Brook CBT-ED Teacher
Rachel Clarke CBT-ED teacher
Madeleine Tatham CBT-ED teacher
Nicola Walker CBT-ED teacher

Professional services staff

Name Post Email Telephone
Sarah Barnett (nee Radgick) Unit Administrator  0114 2226649
Daniel Barrow Postgraduate Administrator -
Sarah Brecknell IAPT Administrator 0114 2226577
Jada Brown ED&I Support Officer -
Rachel Durance CBT-Ed Administrator -
Rachel Hill DClinPsy Placement Administrator 0114 2226573
Angela Hoare Postgraduate Support Officer 0114 2226502
Jacquie Howard DClinPsy NHS Administrator 0114 2226576
Sharon Keighley DClinPsy Timetable Administrator & DHSO 0114 2226570
Sue Maskrey DClinPsy Assessment Administrator 0114 2226635
Joe Mason-Jones Postgraduate Administrator -
Amrit Sinha DClinPsy Research Support Officer 0114 2226650

Research Associates

Name Post Email Telephone
Adanna Achinanye Research Associate  
Jessica Beard Research Associate  
Claire Bone Research Associate  
Emma Broglia Research Associate  
Mel Simmonds-Buckley Research Associate  
Beckie Yeates Research Associate  
Elizabeth Veeren Research Associate  

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