Forum Theatre

Involvement within Clinical Psychology Training.

Forum Theatre

Involvement (often referred to as 'Public and Patient Involvement' within the NHS) is about partnership working through a mutual and valued collaboration between people who use services and health care professionals, in research, education, service commissioning and delivery.

An example of this practice is illustrated in Forum Theatre, an Inter-professional approach to skills training. The Clinical and Educational Psychology training programmes in the University of Sheffield have been collaborating on a project aimed to develop the core clinical and professional skills of trainee psychologists working with children and young people (aged up to 25) using an experiential approach. The project is informed by the principles outlines in the ‘Future in Mind’ report (DoH & NHS England, 2015). Working with actors/simulation has been part of the clinical training programme for some years now and the ‘Forum theatre’ project expands on this in order to develop skills in working with children and young people.

What is Forum Theatre? 

What are the benefits of learning in this way? 

What kind of thing will our students learn? 

What do our students think about the Forum Theatre exercise?